My TWO under TWO having a moment together.
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Top 5 Unsolicited Comments from Strangers on 2 Kids Under 2

By Kali Kasprzyk

My TWO under TWO having a moment together.

The title says it all. I’m a mom of two kids. Under two. I am fully aware of this. Ever since it became obvious that I was carrying A in my tummy, I started to get an outpouring of comments. Unsolicited. From strangers. It still amazes me to this day what some people feel the need to tell me as we pass each other in Kohl’s or as I stand behind you with my children in line at Target. I know we live in a day and age of posting our lives on social media (I do it!), but there is a time, a place and certain people to share that stuff with. And you, strange man or woman, do not qualify are one of those certain “people”.

So this brings me to a list I have been putting together for sometime in my head. Maybe other parents of 2+ young children can relate. Here is the top 5 remarks I have gotten from complete strangers when I am out with M & A…..I should preface also by saying these comments came when M & A were being well-behaved. These comments are not derived from them screaming or running around in public (because that never happens to us)…  I then agree that some of these comments could be warranted.

1. No two kids are exactly the same.

Is this a comment? Are you trying to start a conversation? What is one suppose to say to this? “I am well aware of how DNA and human kind works.”“Yep, I know” as I smile and awkward silence ensues in line to the bathroom at Hobby Lobby? Someone please tell me what a person is looking to get out this comment. For that reason, it annoys me.

2. Girls are good now, but you’ll sure have your hands full when they get older!

Followed by a comment on how their girls snuck out of windows, partied, or whatever else they wanted to over share with me. Or the ol’ girls are easy now, boys are easy later.

Hmmm, person I don’t even know, thank you for letting me know how my children will be when they hit the teenage years. Again, WTF? I would hardly call any child “easy” at any age. And sorry your kids did some nightmare things when they were younger and/or older? I am pretty sure each child, no matter their gender, will give hardships for parents at all ages.

3. With two girls under two, you must have a lot of screaming in your house.

I think moms of boys can relate also, maybe to something like “You must have lots of wrestling in your house” or some other thing that people relate to boys. Ugh, just annoying to hear this all the time. They are small kids, obvs they are loud and move around a lot.

4. They are really close in age. Was it planned?

Oh wow, really….let me justify my family planning (or maybe lack thereof  ) to a complete stranger. You, Judgy Stranger, keep standing in line at the gas station and keep your comments to yourself and you will never know the answer to this question.

And I saved my all time nails on chalkboard comment for last….

Again with Mr. or Ms. Stranger who thinks the topic of family planning should be discussed so openly. Are you suggesting our family isn’t complete with our two beautiful and healthy little girls? Are you suggesting Hubby or myself won’t be fulfilled until we have one? Why do complete strangers think this is an okay topic? Do they want me to confide in them? I should start responding, “Yes of course. Our healthy and beautiful girls just aren’t enough, we are going to try for a boy starting tonight.” *Snort*

So, for any non-parents of multiple young kids reading this, my ask would be to please refrain when you see a complete stranger toting around their 2+ small children. We appreciate conversation just like the rest of the world, don’t take this post to be rude, but have common sense and a filter. We are tired, we are busy and what we really want to hear is, “You have beautiful children and you are doing a good job” or “Can I carry that bag out to your car for you?”.

Parents of little ones, do you agree or no? What is the weirdest thing a stranger has ever said to you?

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