Vagina Video Games Are Now A Thing

Business is booming when it comes to finding random things to stick up your hoo-ha. Speakers. Cups. $500 Jade eggs. The usual suspects that, ya know, buzz and wiggle. And now, because 2017 couldn’t possibly get any weirder (or more wonderful, depending on your preferences – no judgment here), you will soon have the option to add a video game controller to that list.

Yes, you read that right: In the very near future, you will have the ability to play a video game with your vagina.

This latest addition to the world of cooch accouterments (acoochterments?) isn’t all fun and games. Thanks to the French company, Perifit, and an army of Women’s Health professionals, video vixens and Nintendo flunkies alike will be able to tone their love tunnels with the help of their iOS devices, and a snazzy looking silicone wand designed to strengthen their pelvic floor.

The wand has two sensors on it that you control by squeezing with different sets of muscles. Progress is tracked, and the games change depending on how effectively you’re doin’ yo thang. The wand is washable, and per the site, comes with a battery designed to last 5 years if used 3 times a week for 10 minutes apiece.

It should come as no surprise that pregnancy and childbirth can wreak havoc on your pelvic floor, but aside from Kegels many women aren’t given a whole lot of options for how to prevent injury, or rehab from injury sustained during labor. Worse, there isn’t a ton of discussion (besides jokes) about how leaking urine – even small amounts – can be indicative of some form of pelvic floor dysfunction.

This product is nifty not only because it opens up the dialog regarding pelvic floor weakness, but it also gives women something to do to address this problem that is more comprehensive than your standard Kegel. As a bonus, it doesn’t even require you to leave the house. Winning!

So there you have it. Vagina video games are a thing. Check out their site if you want to know more!


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