Welcome Home, Daddy Picture (It's Not What You Think)
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Welcome Home, Daddy Picture (It's Not What You Think)

By Amy Morrison

Someone sent me this picture and I thought it was pretty funny.

Here’s a woman who’s around five-months pregnant waiting for her husband who has been away on a 12-month tour. It’s one of those double takes that, even though there was probably a reasonable explanation, it’s kind of funny.

Well, about 4 people, out of the 44,000 that viewed it thought she would actually show up to greet this guy with a “welcome back” message written on her belly after she had gotten knocked up by someone else when he was off at war. Okay.

Then there were the 20 people that thought that the average person doesn’t understand R&R leave and were appalled that she was implied in any wrongdoing.

Originally I just removed the picture because I don’t want people getting all batshit crazy and send me dead cats in the mail, but then I kinda worried about those 4 people that did think she fooled around so I thought I’d find the original story just to clear things up.

Just as I suspected, the baby was conceived during a mid-term leave and Kendra Kaplan (along with their three-year old, Ayden) had brought a sealed envelope with the baby’s ultrasound so she and her husband, Staff Sgt. Joshua Kaplan, could find out the gender together. They had another beautiful boy.

See, nice. Right? They are a beautiful family having beautiful babies that were the unfortunate victims of news abbreviation.

It’s really lovely. And sweet.

And funny.

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