Awkward Pregnancy Photos

I didn’t want to have any pictures of myself pregnant but a friend told me how much she regretted not at least having one or two shots because her kids wanted to know what she looked like when she was pregnant with them, so gave in and I took a couple of mug-shot style pictures of myself so it was documented.

With that in mind, you may want to capture your pregnancies in a photograph to preserve the wonder of life so I chose a few gems from for a little inspiration.

“Karen, seeing as you’re pregnant, let’s put you at the top of the family photo where the air is thinner. Karen? Karen?!?!”


I can appreciate what they were trying to do here but if your Christmas photo looks like it should have a “becka, becka, bow wow” soundtrack playing in the background, then you may want to reconsider the card.


I can’t decide what I like better, the garbage bag dress, the swamp or him wearing black socks in the water (or at least the illusion of it.)


“That’s it, Steve. A little further back, a little further. Now crouch down. Perfect!” I think the ex-boyfriend may have been the photographer in this one.


This reminds me of a picnic. A good idea in theory but an uncomfortable mess in practice.


Words can’t describe this photo. Oh wait a minute, they can!


Okay, I actually love this photo but the toe shoes are the real kicker.


“It’s going to be a good year, Laura. A very Goodyear indeed.”


At first I thought “Nothing symbolizes maternity better than a watermelon and a gun” and then I thought “Actually, nothing *does* symbolize maternity better than a watermelon and a gun”. Bravo Mad’am.


Like the previous Christmas card, if it looks skeezy when nobody is pregnant, then a baby bump ain’t saving it so don’t do it. A helpful holiday tip we can all tuck in our pockets.


“If I’m holding the baby then why do I still feel fat?”


Um, yeah. No. I’m just going to go with a solid no on this one.


Why do I feel like this woman was talked into this? I could see her thinking, “I’m just too tired to argue plus the kids won’t be able to take off because hockey equipment will slow them down and I’ll hold their heads. I’m sure it will look fine.”

So get out there with your cameras and document your blossoming belly, you crazy gals! Happy snappin’!

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