"A Second a Day from Birth" video
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"A Second a Day from Birth" video

By Amy Morrison

Someone sent me this video and I thought it was one of the most lovely things I’d ever seen.

These parents filmed their son, Indigo, once a day, everyday, for his first year then compiled this video called “A Second a Day from Birth”.

Perhaps it’s my 20/20 hindsight, but I found this video captured the first year with a baby so beautifully. It has ups and downs. Funny moments. Dull moments. Chaotic moments.

It made me all teary and made me feel like I wanted another one…..and so grateful that I was done with that stage.

There are two parts in this that I think are hysterical: one when he sees a puppet for the first time, and another when he nearly jumps out of his skin when someone honks a horn. Just awesome.

And if it’s driving you nuts, the song is from the Little Miss Sunshine soundtrack.

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