Are Bouncy/Jumping Castles Safe During Pregnancy?
Is It Safe?

Are Bouncy/Jumping Castles Safe During Pregnancy?

By Amy Morrison

I couldn’t find much on bouncy castles except that doctors couldn’t imagine why you would want to go on one.

Um, how about because you have a toddler that wants to go on one and won’t go in by themselves. Or maybe because your kid has been pinned in the corner by some fat kid and you have to retrieve them. Or maybe, just maybe, bouncy castles are awesome so everyone should shut their pie holes because it doesn’t matter why it just matters if it’s safe.

Like I said, I didn’t find a lot about bouncy castles but I did find a bit on trampolines as they seem to fall in similar a similar category. The big worry seems to be falling off and breaking a limb. I fail to see how that is a danger that is unique to pregnancy – we all try to avoid snapping a wrist, don’t we?

Balance was another issue, although, I think that would be more of a danger to the little kids jumping in the castle more than it would be for you. Can you imagine the trauma of being three-years old and having a woman that’s 39-weeks pregnant fall on you? The horror (said with a raspy whisper).

As for knocking something important loose (like the baby) that was reserved more for amusement park rides because bouncy castles aren’t really jolting as much as they are, well, bouncy so that didn’t seem to be much of an issue.

Personally, I think the bigger danger is you wetting your pants with all that bouncing. Hey, you can just blame it on the toddler you knocked over with your bad-ass tsunami moves – if they don’t want the hassle, they should get out of the castle!

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