Are heated seats safe during pregnancy?

I remember the first time I was in a car with heated seats I thought I’d wet my pants but, after the initial shock, I thought they were the greatest inventions since the DQ Blizzard.

Heated car seats aren’t dangerous when you’re pregnant because they give off about as much heat as a heating pad. It’s not until you get into sauna, hot tub or tanning bed heat that some people even start to worry.

So crank that seat, lady and keep checking to make sure you didn’t pee.

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  • Thank god! Had you told me that I would have to give up my seat heater I may have lost it. Can’t believe this is even a question!

  • Hmmm. When I was pregnant with my son in 2009, I had horrible rib pain since he decided to lovingly jam his head underneath the bottom of my right rib putting it in a constant state of strain. I was desperate for some relief & called my OB. Could I use a heating pad?….some Icy Hot?…ANYTHINGGGGG?!?!??! The answer was a resounding 'no'. I was told no heating pads unless it got really, really, REALLY bad and then on a very low temp for a VERY short period of time with the reason being that it was bad for the mother's body temperature to be raised. There was no other explanation. That said, I still used my heated seat (a/k/a butt warmer) which helped relieve my back pain despite my doctor's comments, but I'm not sure they would've been thrilled about it. Oh, in the end, the little munchkin turned out just fine & my rib was thrilled to not be antagonized any further.

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