Awkward Pregnancy Photos II

It was this time last year that I did the Awkward Pregnancy Photos post and it was a real hit.

Since then, many people have sent me images that are just as awesome, if not better, than some of the first shots. (How that is even possible is beyond me). Plus, my buddies at Awkward Family Photos never fail to supply me with a bonanza of pregnancy glory. So may I present Awkward Pregnancy Photos Part Deux – Pregnancy Photos with a Vengeance!

All these images get 6 hell yeahs and a shot of Jäger from me. Hope you enjoy them too.


“Okay, I’ll do your ‘Hoop, der it is’ idea but just don’t show my face”


May I call you Kung Fu Panda? Why certainly, may I deliver a front snap-kick to your pills?



There’s a good chance that this baby is going to require sunscreen of SPF 50 and higher.



I can’t help but hear the Jaws theme when I see this photo.



Jerry felt pretty cocky about taking the last bag of Oreos a pregnant lady was reaching for at Wegman’s, until his dismembered body was later found in the forest just outside of town.



Shhh, he falls asleep like this all the time. Just give him a minute.



Proud and noble, Donna figured the tutu and legs she found at Build-A-Bear would cleverly disguise her growing belly.



It’s all fun and games until someone gets ingested by a tree.



Hearing only “topless and melons”, he was sorely disappointed when he showed up for the photoshoot.



“Hey, lady. Get away from my picnic! Fuck!”



“Okay, well be sure to take a shot that I can send to Aunt Cathy. Just because wouldn’t come to the wedding doesn’t mean she’s not excited about the baby.”


Tired and exhausted from noodling for catfish, Carol decided to take a rest on the riverbank while keeping an eye out for gators.


Oh snap, stolen mini-mime vest and pants!



Hush, hush sweet little man-baby. Everything’s going to be alright.



I agree that the question mark is vital on this man’s t-shirt. Where is he looking? Why did he feel the need to layer two black tees? Why isn’t he happy? How do they get their hostas in the background to grow so well?



Quickly wrapping the table cloth around her naked body and running outside, she still wasn’t fast enough to catch the ice-cream truck.



Cat’s is the second longest running musical of all time, therefore, this image is timeless! Stick that in your bum and lick it.


You see an awkwardly posed bathroom selfie. I see a promising future in karate. #roundhousekicktotheface


I hope this is hanging over the fireplace for when their sassy mouthed 13-year old daughter brings her friends over.


And finally, there was this picture that I decided to remove because a few people started frothing at the mouth and leaving all caps comments with no punctuation.

Thanks to all of you that sent me these shots and thank you Awkward Family Photos for coming out with yet another book I want for Christmas. Lastly, I hope all you folks in the shots had wonderful, healthy babies. Good on ya for going all out with your photoshoot – hey, you never know what’s going to work.

Nope, just doesn’t get old for me. It just doesn’t get old.

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