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Remember way back when I first discovered Babylist? No? You can check it out here.

If you’re not up to speed, it’s a registry where you can register for anything online.

Not only can you register for baby gear from your favourite store, you can register on sites where you know they have a better deal, places that have handmade stuff like Etsy, services like house cleaning, dog walking, wine bringing (I don’t think they have that but I think it would be nice) and anything else that you can find online – I would like this Belovesie.

So, I made my own registry back then and I think it needs a little freshening up. That’s when I thought, “I know, I’ll ask the Peeps what they think!” because you’re always telling me about cool stuff.

Have a look and let me know what you would take out and/or add?

I wanted it to be somewhat budget friendly but still kind of fun – hey, you never know when that aunt with a ton of cash will step up!

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  • You need to add the Jolly Jumper Solar Safe Net. It keeps out UV and bugs, what’s not to love!? Fits most strollers and playyards and stays in place with elastic. It’s a must for outdoors activity!
    Tiny Love Pack and Go Mini Mobile. It actually folds up and can be tossed in a diaper bag. Clips onto a stroller sun shade, car seat handle (when not in motion obviously), etc. It makes a nice wind chime sound and has bright contrasts and colors. It’s the perfect on-the-go toy!

  • This is really helpful, but I have a question. Does it track what has been purchased from the registry so that no one buys duplicates? When I click on something it seems to take me to the site where it can be purchased, but does it track what has been purchased? That seems like it would be a necessity. Also, one other question. If I end up just creating a registry somewhere, it looks like Amazon is the best place because 95% of the things you have on your registry are available at Amazon. Why do so many people register to Babies R Us and BuyBuyBaby? Thanks!

    • Yes, it does track purchases so you’re not going to get eight snot suckers. 🙂 Some people like to register a few things at places like Babies R Us because it’s a physical store for the people that don’t like buying online. You can also get a registry discount at some stores which works here as well. I would have to have different registry stores if I was registering for a real baby because I’m Canadian and Amazon isn’t as badass up here ; )

  • I used your list to make my registry, so I actually got a ton of stuff off of it.
    Angelcare – New moms are already paranoid, I think this makes it worse, I passed.
    RockNPlay – must have
    A&A swaddles – must have and have used them for EVERYTHING
    Halo Bassinet is unnecessary with the Rock n Play
    Wraps are not recommended by Consumer Reports, just my 2 cents.
    LOVE baby legs and LOVE the sleep sacks! The A&A sleep sacks are great for summer. We actually used them without onesies underneath when it was really hot.
    Baby Brezza is a MUST HAVE – life changing (though we had twins, so yeah – necessary since bottle warmers need time between bottles to cool down, not the brezza!!)
    We got two "my little seats" and to be honest, haven’t used them that much – most places have high chairs, and when they were little, they were too little to reach the table. Now they don’t need them because they sit well. We did use them on vacation when we didn’t have a high chair in our room, but not sure it was worth the expense for one time use when we could have just taken turns holding the babies to feed them.
    The Kick N Play gym is a MUST HAVE. They still play piano on it at 17 months (turned upright), it also helped them learn to sit, they leaned on the piano.
    For nursing bras I loved "HotMilk Lingerie" out of new zealand – sexy, functional and well priced.
    I would also add:
    Baby 411 (GREAT book for new parents)
    Zoli Nail trimmer (life saver for those of us scared to use clippers)
    Gas Drops (don’t know you need them until 2 a.m.)
    Gerber newborn zip up jammies (you don’t realize that the cute outfits with buttons, snaps, or that go over the head are a pain until you actually have a baby).

    Hope this is helpful!!
    xoxox Momma of 17 month old twin girls.

  • Undercover Mama camis are a must for breastfeeding in public.

    Nuk pacifiers are the only ones that stay in my baby’s mouth for any length of time.

    Medela Harmony is frequently recommended as the best manual pump in breastfeeding groups. I wish I’d bought that instead of my cheaper one.

    My baby who hates being put down loves his Rainforest Jumperoo. I even got to eat lunch with both hands today.

    I’m a huge fan of my Grovia Hybrid diaper. I wish I’d known how much I’d love it so I could have registered for a million of them.

    I’d skip the Bjorn carrier. Even if you’re not concerned about hip position, they get uncomfortable fast. Consider a ring sling instead, they’re great for newborns and good for quick hip carries with older babies.

  • I know you have the portable highchair on there, but I’m OBSESSED with our multi-stage highchair (we have one from Eddie Bauer). It lets my baby who can’t sit up yet still sit on the same level as us and be a part of the conversation. She loves it because she can see us when we cook or are just sitting around. Highchairs aren’t just for eating, I learned!

  • Fisher Price Rainforest Gym (our little LOVES it!)
    Medicine Delivery Nurser Bottle (SO great for giving LO medicine!
    And for LOs who might have a rubber allergy (and/or if their parents do), the Zeta Zebra teether is a great alternative to Sophie!

  • Things I would add: 1. Bandana bibs- all over Etsy right now- great for drooling little ones and supporting WAHM. 2. Bapron- bib apron – this awesome bib goes around the baby’s arms and ties in the back to fully protect baby’s outfit and keep baby from pulling it off. There are a lot of cute options on Etsy. 3. Wet bags for dirty clothes in the diaper bag. 4. Toy leashes- to keep toys from falling on the ground every five minutes. 🙂 otherwise, great just!

  • Add the Dr. Brown’s Formula Pitcher…’s great and you can mix all the formula you need for one day. We discovered it because shaking the Similac Sensitive produced way too many air bubbles and this did the trick in half the time. Especially great for working moms who prepare all the bottles for daycare every day. At around $16 you can’t beat it!!!!

  • Thank you so much for that list! I am pregnant and really had no clue what to put on my registry. And I never would have even guessed there were products like a nose sucker or teething feeder; so I very much appreciate the info!

  • I love my Boba SSC over the Ergo. No infant insert needed, about the same price (cute prints too). Huge fan of Old Navy’s infant socks (the 3 pack ones, not the individual ones)- they are probably the best kept secret around- theynever fall off! I also won a Mombo pillow in a giveaway. I had never heard of it before, but I think they even carry it at Target now (it was 2 years ago that I won). It has a plush side and a firm side- as a first time breastfeeder, it was amazing to have the option of some extra support. Bumkins bibs for on the go, the baby bjorn for at home. (And I don’t think the bath seat link works anymore- I was really curious). We also ditched a fancy highchair for the Ikea Antilop (which I love with all of the heart eye emojis), but most of my friends are equally in love with their Fisher Price space saver seats. Great list – I’m marking some for a future babe. 🙂

  • I had a and used yours to help build mine, and your recommendations were awesome – thanks!

    Here’s some extra stuff from a recommendations list I’ve given to friends who asked:
    – MD Moms Fragrance-free Lotion and Body Wash (no parabens, no lavendar, which bothers my LO’s skin)
    – Skip Hop Hug and Hide Owl
    – Manhattan Toys Winkel
    – Mamas and Papas Baby Bud Chair
    – Look Look by Peter Leninthal
    – Ikea Leka Cat Rattles
    – Cotton Babies Flip Diaper System
    – Green Mountain Diaper Company Workhorses
    – Zipadee-Zip
    – Ubbi Diaper Pail
    – Zutano booties
    – Summer Infant Bath Sponge (just put it in the tub or sink)
    – iPlay. Flap Sun Protection Hat
    – Zo-li Gummy Sticks
    – JJ Cole Polar Bundleme (for car and stroller, newborn to 3 years old or so)
    – Motherlove Diaper Rash and Thrush Ointment
    – Pigeon Nail Scissors

  • get the bassinet and not the rock and play. The rock and play does not have them flat on their back and also doesn’t even rock that nicely. Trust me. I bought that and next time around we are getting a bassinet but the chicco travel one or the rock and play bassinet that lies flat.
    Also, my husband is a police office and said no go on the wireless connecting monitors but a video monitor. We got a Levana video monitor.

    Pick the travel system you actually want and get rid of the others. Don’t invest in two high price soft structured carriers. I would suggest checking out your local babywearing group to try some out or pick one and stick with it. I like my Tula more than the ergo because I’m petite but it has higher back support than the ergo and bjorn. A lot of pediatricians do not recommend wearing a baby facing out because of the over stimulation and the bjorn does not sit a baby in the wide W form that they should be in and can contribute to hip pain or displaysia.

    I gave in and bought the nose frida today and wish I hadn’t waited so long even though I still find it disgusting, it worked like a charm.

  • I agree that a Baby K’tan is much easier for a new mama that a Moby. I have both and never use the Moby.
    For breastfeeding, the My Brest Friend pillow is my lifesaver. Unlike the Boppy, this one clips around you and has a flat surface that baby doesn’t roll down in. That and Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter. Much easier to put on than lanolin, and works better for me, too.

  • Diono Ranier Convertible car seat- From 5 lb to booster
    Thule Urban Glide stroller from REI – great jogger, so easy to fold up
    Mission Critical baby carrier- the baby gear my veteran hubby is most excited about

  • Of all the swaddles we’ve tried (summer infant, miracle blanket, plain ol receiving blankets), the one I dig the most is by Ergo. It lets you keep the babe’s arms in a little straight jacket while you still have access to change their diaper. Highly recommend.

  • I’ve either have or wish I had the majority of your list, great job! Personally, I prefer the Baby k’tan over the Moby wrap for wearing a new squish. Also, I’d add more breastfeeding accessories, freezer bags, bamboobies reusable breast pads. And I’d add a Diaper Dabbler diaper sample pack, to find the right diaper for pretend baby Flick. 🙂

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