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Best Gifts for a New Grandma (or Grandma-To-Be!)

By Amy Morrison
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Looking for great gift ideas for a new grandma? I’ve scoured the ‘webs to bring you some sentimental, useful, and thoughtful gifts for the grandma in your life. These picks are perfect for birthdays, special occasions, or to welcome her to the new grandmother club.

I've tried to find gifts that are practical along with gifts that she wouldn't get for herself but would probably love to have.

Best Gifts for a New Grandma (or Grandma-To-Be!)

aura digital picture frame for grandparents

Aura Frame

These digital photo frames are so cool because you can invite family members to upload photos and they are displayed on the frame. So if you add a photo of your child at the park that day, it will pop up on Grandma's Aura frame at her house. It's amazing for families who are spread out and might not see everyone as often as they would like. I got my in-laws one and they LOVE it – all my teen nieces and nephews add photos now too. You can find them on the Aura site and at Amazon and Target.

nana birthstone necklace

Birthstone Nana Necklace

Simple and sweet, with tons of different styles that combine birthstones and whatever she’s going by these days. Would work as a first grandchild gift, or for any stage in the grandma game. You can find them here on Etsy.

letters to my grandchild

Letters to My Grandchild

One of our all-time favorite grandma gifts. These prompts are like mini-journal entries, making them a sweet gift that will be treasured by everyone. You can find it on Amazon.

Grandma T-shirt

A fun way to announce their new status! This would also be a memorable way to do a pregnancy announcement. Find this one on Amazon.

carved name stones keepsake

Carved Name Stones

Simple, lasting, and meaningful. These stones can be used inside or in a garden, and are a unique way to honor the matriarch of the family. You can find them on Etsy

grandma, baby boy and mom looking at a customized picture book

Personalized Grandma Book

Wonderbly makes personalized hardcover keepsake books that can be customized with both the child and grandmother’s name (Gran, Nana, Mimi, Abuela, etc.). These 34 page books are really gorgeous and do a great job of incorporating the names into the story. The picture here doesn’t do them justice. You can find them on Wonderbly.

the cool grandma sweatshirt

The Cool Grandma Sweatshirt

We all know who the cool grandma is. I found this one on Etsy.

tell me your life story grandma Guided Journal

Guided Journal

This simple guided journal helps grandmothers record their life story with over 200 questions. Once completed, the book will become a timeless and precious keepsake to share with your children, loved ones, and future generations. I found it on Amazon.

Custom Mug

Nothing says “thanks for the free childcare” like a custom mug full of hot coffee! You can find this one on Amazon.

Gigi Like a Grandma only cooler tshirt

Gigi T-Shirt

Oh, you know it, Gigi! They have a bunch of nice tees at this Etsy store. Etsy.

birthstone bracelet gift for grandma

Birthstone Bracelet

These are subtle, tasteful and surprisingly inexpensive. There’s also an option for a birthstone necklace if that’s more her thing. Etsy

books for new grandma

Grandmother Board and Picture Books

You can build a mini library around the awesome relationship between a child and their grandmother, making this the perfect gift no matter if your babies are newborns or toddlers. You can find some great titles on Amazon.

love these moments custom grandma brag book with baby pictures

Custom Brag Book

Nothing is like having physical evidence of the cutest grandchild on the planet. This custom photo book is called Sweet Memories and you can get it for as little as $10. Mixbook is one of the easiest photo book sites to use and the quality is outstanding. (We have a review comparing it to Shutterfly if you want to see the full breakdown.) You can find it on Mixbook.

grandma wine labels

Custom Wine Labels

These peel and stick wine bottle labels can go over her favorite bottle of wine. You can get any name, too. Etsy.

Handmade Christmas Ornament

This is technically a Christmas ornament, but it’s subtle enough to be a part of her everyday decor. It also would be a pretty fun way to make a pregnancy announcement. You can find a variety of styles on Etsy.

Birth Flower Garden Stones

These are so sweet if you have someone who loves gardening. They can be personalized with the name, date, and matching birth month flower. I like that you can add to them as more grandkids come along. Find them on Etsy.

grandkids welcome (others tolerated) welcome mat

Welcome Mat

Even tolerated can sometimes be an overstatement. These natural mats come in a variety of sizes and I found them on Etsy.

What else have you found that makes a great new grandma gift?

Comment below and I’ll keep adding to the list!

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