14 of the Nicest Birth Announcement Holiday Cards

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I fell in love with these Birth Announcement Holiday Cards because ‘two-birds-with-one-stone’ is one of my favorite idioms (along with Bob’s your uncle) and you’re going to knock the socks off of anybody that receives one.

I’ve tried to pick a variety of formats and price ranges and I’ve used a count of 25 to give you an idea of cost but the cost per card goes down as you order more cards. Also, keep an eye on sales (I’ve included some discount codes here) because some of the promos are really good for some of the higher end companies.

Here are the best birth announcement holiday card ideas:

High Hopes

silent nights baby holiday card

Let me start by saying, I love Minted. They have the most beautiful cards, fabric, artwork; you name it. Everything about the quality and design makes my graphic designer heart sing like Julie Andrews on the top of the Alps. Plus, you get free recipient addressing on all your envelopes. Cost: 25 for $65 – use the code PC15 for 15% off.

First Ornament

baby's first Christmas Birth Announcement Holiday ornament card

This one comes with a linen ribbon so you can hang it on the tree. You can get a range of colors including pink (shown), blue, mint, ochre and red. Cost: 25 for $74 – use the code PC15 for 15% off.

Extra Merry

extra merry foil printed card with toddler and newborn baby

This one has gold foil stamping which makes it extra special. The clean design isn’t too ‘Christmasy’ but still captures the holidays. Cost: 25 for $78 – use the code PC15 for 15% off.


a merry little christmas card with baby girl Birth Announcement Holiday Card

This one works well if you have that one perfect photo. You can change the color of the font depending on the look you want. Cost: 25 for $65 – use the code PC15 for 15% off.

Perfect Gift

holiday train with multiple images christmas card

This birth announcement holiday card is perfect when you have so many excellent photos that it’s hard to pick just one. This one is also foil stamped lettering making it extra gorgeous. Cost: 25 for $78 – use the code PC15 for 15% off.

We Grew

This is the perfect Christmas card when you have an older child. Cost: 25 for $73 – use the code PC15 for 15% off.

Special Gift Birth Announcement Holiday Card

This one is as pretty as a package. I like the use of black and white photos so you get a consistent look. Cost: 25 for $55.

Our Hearts

You can change the edges to make them rounded, square, beveled, etc. There’s also a red version. Cost: 25 for $72.

Joyous Addition Birth Announcement

I like that some of the design is created around this one. Cost: 25 for $60.

Merry Little Christmas Baby Photo Birth Announcement

Nice simple and clean. Cost: 25 for $63.

Best Gift Ever Birth Announcement Holiday Card Postcard

Many of these custom card companies offer the option of using the design on a postcard vs. a folded card with an envelope. It’s a little less formal and often less expensive. The downside is depending on how your mail service is, it could show up looking a little tired. Still, no envelope stuffing! Cost: 24 for $43.

More the Merrier Christmas Twins Announcement

Yep, they make holiday twin birth announcements. Who knew!? Cost: 25 for $57.

Cheery Baby

If you don’t mind skipping the stats, you could go the first Christmas route. Cost: 25 for $70.

Rustic Garden

These aren’t ‘Holiday’ per se, but these birth announcements from Costco are very budget-friendly and the red version has a festive vibe in my opinion. Cost: 25 for $17.

Have you come across a great Birth Announcement Holiday Card?

Let me know in the comments below!

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