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5 Facts When You're Super Hot During Pregnancy (and After)

By Lisa Peek

So when you’re pregnant, a common phrase is that you have a bun in the oven. What no one tells you is that you literally become an oven. I have never been more hot in my life than the last 3 years as I’ve been pregnant or nursing/postpartum for all but a month or so of the last 3 years.

1. No clothes, please

My wardrobe these last three years is exclusively tank tops. I might as well pack the rest of my clothes away and I don’t know why I haven’t. I’m sure my husband would appreciate the closet space it would free up. I very rarely put on anything else, especially when nursing but mostly just because I’m so hot and the thought of putting any more cotton on my skin besides that makes me wanna do the polar plunge.

2. Location is a factor

Almost nine years ago, I moved from Michigan to South Texas, which I loved. The weather here was perfect to me. Hot but not humid. Now, even 80 degrees here makes me sweat. I cannot get cool enough most of the time. I nearly bought one of those personal misting fans this last pregnancy.

3. Hulks are hot

And being hot, especially postpartum/nursing hot, makes me so irrationally frustrated and stabby. I get so pissed off that I feel like I become the Hulk and I could Hulk smash something. My poor husband. I get so crazily angry when I’m hot that I’ve lashed out and said some things to him that afterward, I’m like WTF did I say that for? And I feel terrible. Thank god for him; he tolerates it and doesn’t get his feelings hurt easily.

4. If I’m hot, we’re all hot

I’m so hot even in my house with tank top and shorts on, air conditioning and fans on. My poor kids, I got the inclination from my mom to dress my kids how I feel, so they’re probably cold all the time because I’m sweating so I put them in minimal clothing as well.

5. Bye Hair

My insane hotness, and not the appearance kind, is part of the reason I chopped off my long hair last summer, couldn’t stand the ponytail down my back. Now that I’m starting to get a ponytail again you’ll frequently find it clipped up.

I was so surprised at just how hot I get and how it makes me feel. I definitely don’t remember anyone telling me about that.

The key to beating the heat?

I think the only thing I can do is wait for my hormones to cool down (literally and figuratively) or move to Alaska in a tube top and shave my head. Hulk will see!

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