Is Caffeine During Pregnancy Safe?


What could make a pregnant woman nastier than going without her morning cup of coffee? How about a dillhole telling her that she really should be drinking decaf.

People love this kind of crap. It’s those little golden nuggets of advice that some like to drop on you like “I betcha didn’t realize that tea has a lot of caffeine” with that demented sing-song tone. I think every pregnant woman should be issued a large metal shovel to silence these advice people but, back to caffeine.

It is recommended that pregnant women have no more than 200mg of caffeine a day which is equivalent to two mugs coffee or four cups of tea or five cans of cola per day. Seems reasonable but it also seems reasonable for someone who isn’t pregnant but what do I know.

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  • There are much better things for your baby to get through your body. I quit coffee and soda while I was pregnant. I did it because it was best for my baby. I drank 2 huge cups of coffee before that. But caffeine stays in a baby’s body. They don’t process it like we do. I had a big healthy baby 9 lbs 7 oz. my husband says it’s because I ate so healthy when I was pregnant. And how much caffeine is in a cup depends on how strong you take your coffee. Plus the cream and sugar you add to it is sugar the baby and artificial sweeteners are horrible.

    • Good for you, Lyndsay! I very much enjoyed one cup of fully caffeinated coffee (with full blessings from my doctor) and gave birth to an extremely healthy baby too! Doing the same this pregnancy and all looks great!

  • I was always judged for drinking coffee while pregnancy, despite the fact that I drank ONE extra small timmies and that was it? Relax, people? It’s not crack!

  • Thank you! I’m 20 weeks and I’ve gotten a few nasty looks when I order a mountain dew with dinner. I only drink ONE (which is well under the limit) and it’s better than the margarita I used to always have after a long day and dinner date with the hubs.

    AND don’t get me started on the sushi roll that was SLAPPED OUT OF MY HAND by a relative. It was spicy cooked shrimp and I almost cried when it hit the floor.

  • I couldn't drink coffee before I was pregnant as it would send me off my rocker and cause me not to sleep for many, many hours… but now, pregnant it is a godsend. My auntie suggested it when I was 16 weeks pregnant for a constant headache that was plaguing me and it was miraculous. I was restored to a state of 'normal' (as in functioning) and was even able to avoid many emotional breakdowns over eating cheese and being close to children (no immunity to whooping cough or parvovirus) and all those other things we are told to worry about when we feel most vulnerable and stupid.

    I even went to Greece for a wedding recently and drank frappe, which is like a triple expresso on ice, and I felt, well, normal. Not hyper at all and I could sleep very well. Doctor says it's totally fine. Husband says cut it. I say, if I damn well feel like a coffee will get me through a day, I'll drink a coffee.

    On another note, a doctor in Greece also told me that a glass of red wine once a week is a good idea… 🙂 I'm not much of a drinker of alcohol in general, but go figure!
    Also, (sorry to go on) I danced a whole night of traditional Greek dances at the wedding (which is like using a pogo-stick for a few hours) and all is well 🙂

    Love your work on this blog. It has certainly made me feel more relaxed and able to do this thing for the first time. Thanks!

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