Can falling during pregnancy hurt the baby?

falling during pregnancy
As a teenager, I remember watching soap operas where a character would climb up two rungs of a step ladder to fix a curtain, fall off and miscarry. All I could think was “No, not the step ladder! Don’t you know you’re going to fall off and lose the baby, Sienna!!?”
Turns out that’s an unlikely scenario.
There is a good chance that you’ll fall during your pregnancy because you’re off balance and there’s a fair amount of time when you can’t see the ground or your feet.
It looks like the worst part about falling is you can’t just pop up and do that I-can’t-believe-I-did-that look then move on. Odds are you’ll be an overturned turtle with a horrified audience asking if you’re okay (they may even call you soap opera names so don’t be alarmed). That said, your baby is pretty cushioned in there so your average spill shouldn’t do anything except embarrass you (again, all preparation for having a child). Not until you get into the major wipeouts or if weird stuff (like spotting or cramping) should there be any cause for alarm but feel free to double check with a medical practitioner.
Just be sure to always wear clean underwear so when you’ve missed the curb in a busy intersection and your moo moo flies up over your head people won’t whisper “Ew, Sienna’s wearing ratty underpants”.
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  • Interestingly my only fall was while trying to change my underwear. Foot got caught. Pregnant lady topples. Fortunately all was okay. Probably would’ve looked hilarious had anyone been around to watch.

  • I actually had the most benign of falls a person could have, and they still had me go in to be monitored for about 45 minutes. We do workplace violence training (I work in mental health) and we were "practicing" falling, so that if you DO get pushed by someone, you can put your arms to the floor so you don’t end up with a head injury to boot. I was in a squatting position on floor mats, and MAYBE fell 6 inches on my butt. Like literally, the most benign fall a person could ever have. I got worried, and I called the baby line. After first telling me to take Ibuprofen (because apparently they triage all the calls to the same bank of nurses, who don’t necessarily know you’re calling from a specific line), they then called back and said get to the hospital. The best part is at my next OB appointment, I said I’d been seen at the hospital because I had a fall in "workplace violence," the nurse got this horrified look on her face, and my husband cut in "training! it was training!"

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