Can I eat bagged salad while pregnant?
Is It Safe?

Can I eat bagged salad while pregnant?

By Amy Morrison

C’mon! In one breath you tell me to eat better now that I’m pregnant but then you tell me not to eat pre-washed salad. I suppose I should just stick to the leafy greens growing in my organic hippy commune. Pfft.

Not unlike rare meat and raw eggs this one is because of salmonella and E. coli.

So the lettuce grows in the ground with all the dirt and manure and the manure might be contaminated. The lettuce is picked, washed and bagged and sold to you. If it’s not washed so well, you eat the contaminated lettuce and get sick. I couldn’t find out how this affects a fetus. The only way that I could see it threatening your unborn baby is if you’re up all night puking, you get dehydrated to a point of hospitalization, then you could miscarry. Wouldn’t the same thing happen if you bought a head of lettuce from the store, ran it under that tap for 2 seconds (or just check it for dirt then eat it like I do. Bad, bad, I know.) and got yourself some food poisoning too? I dunno, it all seems like a bit of a stretch for me but, then again, I hate washing lettuce and I really like salad. Use this excuse when you want to eat french fries instead.

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