Is Horseback Riding During Pregnancy Safe?
Is It Safe?

Is Horseback Riding During Pregnancy Safe?

By Amy Morrison

I gotta say, when somebody asked me to write about horseback riding I thought I would have to wade through a bunch of websites that just tell you to be on the safe side and avoid it. Instead I came upon a fascinating article that really probed the whole horseback riding while pregnant question. I found it riveting which further demonstrates what a nerd I am.

Here’s the sitch’:

Unless you are having a high risk pregnancy (complicated by bleeding, membrane rupture, pregnancy induced hypertension or growth restriction, or if there is a past history of pre-term labour) there is no reason why you can’t go horseback riding. In short, nothing will shake loose that wasn’t going to shake loose anyway.

The bigger danger is Flicka going apeshit, throwing you, then stepping on your head. Plus, it doesn’t really matter how experienced, fit, or careful you are about riding because, most of the time, injuries occur from the behaviour of the horse  – “Try to get me to canter, you fat whore. Take that”. Kicking is also another very real danger so, you know, don’t stand behind the not-so-bright 900lb animal.

In conclusion, horseback riding is a dangerous past time – my ass hurts just from writing this – but if you ride horses I’m pretty sure you know that already so that point is kind of moot. As for the pregnancy part, it looks to be fine so giddy up, my little Filly but hold on tight to that damn thing. Yee Haw!!

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