Is Skiing While Pregnant Safe?
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Is Skiing While Pregnant Safe?

By Amy Morrison

From what I can gather, everyone worries about skiing and physical activity because you could seriously wipe out and miscarry or go in to premature labor.

The further along you get in your pregnancy, the more off-balance you are so the more likely you are to fall. Although the way some sites described it, you would think you have trouble standing up in the last few months so I don’t know how much of a danger that really is.

It sounds like you would have to suffer a major trauma (like car accident proportions) to do damage but if you suffer that kind of trauma you have a bit problem anyway. Non?

Pregnancy was an excuse to sit my fat ass on the couch and watch it grow but you may be the athletic type so suit yourself. Speaking of suits, if you do hit the slopes, be sure to wear one of those skin tight performance racer suits – it would be worth it just to see the lift operator’s reaction.

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