Gardening and pregnancy: how safe is it?

Can’t a pregnant woman plant a stupid geranium without someone jumping out of the bushes to tut tut her?!

This one was a surprise to me until I stumbled across it looking for litter box cleaning information. It’s yet another degree removed from the cat box blurb.

Cat eats something infected with toxoplasmosis, cat gets infected, cat poos in your garden, you plant a marigold and touch the poo, you put your dirty hands in your mouth and ingest the poo, you get toxoplasmosis, you pass it along to your baby and your baby gets brain damage or something equally horrible.

I dunno, I think this one is up there with “don’t walk out the front door while pregnant because a tree limb could fall on your head”. I’m sure it happens but is it really way up there on the no-nos? I would think getting all the way down to plant the flowers would be the bigger challenge while pregnant but, what do I know.

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