Is using Cold Medicine While Pregnant Safe?
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Is using Cold Medicine While Pregnant Safe?

By Amy Morrison

Here’s the thing with cold medicine and other kinds of medication, the only ones you can take are the ones that have been around for a long time.

Why? Because many pregnant ladies have taken it before you and none have sued the pharmaceutical companies because their kid was born with nine belly buttons.

Drug companies can’t test on people (well, at least none that we know of) so they can’t really say if it will do harm to a baby. They’re usually pretty sure of what it will do to a pregnant rat but that doesn’t make you feel much better. I think the thing most people can’t grasp is how sick you get when you can’t take anything – it’s awful. What’s more, this is where the “better safe than sorry” shit comes up. Rest assured that all these “better safe than sorry” people are sleeping soundly at 3am while you’re coughing up a lung. ALL medication will tell you not to take it while you’re pregnant or nursing but  some pharmacists will sometimes take pity on you and tell you which ones are okay. Sometimes it helps to let the snot trickle into your mouth when you ask “can I take this?”. If nothing else, it will get a quick answer out of everyone to get you out of the store.

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