Low carb diets during pregnancy
Is It Safe?

Low carb diets during pregnancy

By Amy Morrison

Low-carb diets have been pretty popular for a while now and I’ve known many people that have dropped a significant amount of weight on them, but what if you’re on one and you’re pregnant. Is it safe?

Sort of.

I’m going to put aside the weight loss portion of this because you all know you shouldn’t be trying to lose weight when you’re pregnant – you’re pregnant, not stupid. And I’m going to assume that this is a way of eating that you have become accustomed to, and you’re wondering if you can keep it up while you’re in the family way.

Low-carb eating seems to be fine as long as you are consuming enough healthy carbs to meet your nutritional needs.  Extremely low-carb diets may not be safe during pregnancy because without sufficient carbs, your system will make a by-product called ketones in your blood stream that can put your infant at risk for brain damage. Shit, pass the crackers.

The Atkins and South Beach diets recommend that pregnant or lactating mothers participate in the maintenance or second phase, which incorporates a larger amount of carbs.

Some doctors may even recommend modified low-carb diets, especially if you are obese, suffer from gestational diabetes or low blood sugar.

Pretty much if you’re cutting out all the sugar, processed-white-bread crap out of your diet, you’re on the right track but if you’re only eating bacon and pork rinds all day, you may want to toss in a baked potato and a salad.

Overall, it sounds like the maintenance and second phases of these diets are a pretty healthy way to eat so wave those celery sticks and almond butter in the air like the proud MILF you are.
Happy eating.
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