One Movie that You Need to Watch if You’re Having a Baby.

This movie should come with every positive pregnancy test.

It’s a documentary called, Babies, that follows the first year of four babies living in San Francisco, Tokyo, Mongolia, and Namibia.

The film essentially reassures you that no matter what kind of environment a baby grows up in – whether they go to music class in San Francisco or suck on a rock in Africa – all a child needs is food, shelter and love.

The babies are frickin’ adorable in this film and the parents aren’t creepy or weird so it’s easy to watch.

My favourite part was the dad in Mongolia taking his wife and newborn son home on the back of his motorcycle. No carseat, no helmet, no worries – awesome (don’t do that shit by the way unless live in Mongolia, Hookers).

The film did a really good job of not making the family from San Francisco look like idiots either – this film could have easily turned into a “Western culture is ridiculous” theme.

All in all, Babies is a great movie to help you keep your perspective when you have a newborn. Now you can take that deep breathe and say, “Right now there is a rooster watching a baby in Mongolia pee freely on a cot that will reach the same milestones as my child whether we go to Kindergym today or not. I’m tired. Let’s have a nap instead.”


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  • You guys I watched this movie the day after I found out I was pregnant and had a panic attack! The mom breastfeeding two babies at once with them crawling all over her while she shoved her nipples in their mouths! The exhaustion on their faces! The breast milk spouting out and all over the baby’s face! The pizza box and mess in the bed! Something overwhelming and hormal was happening for me and it really did freak me out! And normally I love documentaries like this. And in general would say I feel pretty calm and optimistic about everything. It was a strange experience for sure. Now that I’m farther along, I haven’t rewatched, but I doubt I’d have such a big reaction. Just wanted to share that in case anyone else felt the same way — you’re not alone!

  • I had a what the check am I doing having a baby am ready for this meltdown in the kitchen this morning. I watched this movie and it helped put it all in perspective. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Watching this movie (which I did while pregnant) did indeed make my life as a parent less of a panic! The first time the baby grabbed at the dog and then shoved a fistful of dog hair into his mouth before I could stop it, I took a deep breath and thought of the rooster walking all around that baby, thought of the boy eating dirt in Africa, and thought to myself a bit of dog hair is totally fine. We all made it through just fine.

    • I loved this movie and watched it when I was trying to get pregnant (and unknowingly already was) and I want to post this on every pregnancy forum in the Western world. The Nambian baby was my favorite because of how relaxed and chill, but loving everyone was. The dog licking the baby’s tongue icked me out, but I now won’t freak if my kid eats something from the floor 🙂

  • The African baby was by far my favorite. She was absolutely adored and knew she was the light of everyone's life. But where were the Mongolian baby's parents? The kid's climbing under a cow and no one cares? And the older kids were constantly beating up on him. No, it doesn't matter if a child is taken to kindergym, but if all the words they hear are angry because they are playing in water that spilled they're not going to develop as well as one who is clapped for while she dances.

  • I love this movie. It came out on my first Mother's Day, four months after our son was born. He's 1 1/2 now and we BOTH love to watch it. Never gets old. Each time I see some cute/hilarious thing I missed before. He likes to watch and laugh at the other "bebees".

  • @Maggie I also loved the these two "clean up jobs"
    other fav was the Japanese baby having a wee tantrum over trying to play with a super sophisticated toy whilst the Mongolian baby happily ate a roll of toilet paper – and was tied to the bed! Hilarious.

  • My two favorite parts were when the African mom wiped the baby's butt with her leg and then just cleaned her leg with an old corn cob and when the Mongolian mom cleaned her baby's face with her breast milk. Talk about resourceful! 🙂 I think African baby wins in cuteness for me though.

  • I was just recommended your website by a friend who knows how much I hate all the North American strict pregnancy 'rules' and 'fearmongering.' I get razzed all the time for eating sushi, craving sugar, going in the hot tub, and riding my bicycle (I'm 6 months pregnant). I love your site! Such a refreshing dose of reality. I will be recommending it to my pregnant peeps from now on! OH and I saw this movie before I was pregnant and LOVED how chill it made parenting seem – babies somehow survive all over the world without jolly jumpers and prenatal classes and pristine-clean homes.

  • I've watched this movie twice so far – my favorite bit was when the little girl in san francisco was at the baby & me class with her dad, and they're singing some crunchy-granola-fake-native-american song about the Earth Mother, and she bolts for the doors. Like "Help! My parents are hippies! Nooo!"

    Also, the mongolian boy is awesome. My husband really enjoyed watching the movie, too, which surprised me. 🙂

  • definitely one for the must-watch list before (or after!)popping out a human. i love it. the real wake up call for all those moments where we could find ourselves rocking in corners of our houses because we're scared to eat anything but organic steamed veg for fear of listeria. and how can you not love all of those babes? so raw!

  • I looooved this movie, as (surprisingly) did my boyfriend! His favourite baby is the Mongolian, and I love the cutie cute Japanese baby 😉

    Such a great film, and the fact that there is no dialogue or narrative has so much more of an impact.

  • I loved this movie! And had many subsequent debates about which baby was cutest (my favorite was the little Mongolian baby). I read an interview with the director where he said he didn't have any social or political agenda when making the film, but rather that he just hoped people would see the movie and maybe want to have kids.

  • I actually saw this movie a few months before Munchkin was born. Now that I've had a vaginal delivery, I couldn't believe that Mongolian mom stradled a motorcycle after delivery- OUCH! But, it was a heart warming film, 100%.

  • This movie definitely makes you realize that the dirt your kid just ate, or sharing the dogs water, or licking the floor aren't things worth freaking out about.

    But also thankful that my kids don't share their bath with the family goat.

    We can be ridiculous as Westerners, but I just hate goat hair in my bathtub.

  • Yeah, this movie made me realize that I certainly dont need a crib yet, because kids in Africa are teething on bones and DONT HAVE ANY CLOTHING!!! What the heck do I have to worry about? Not having a brand new jogging stroller? Nope!

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