Pregnancy and microwaves: how safe are they together?
Is It Safe? Being Pregnant

Pregnancy and microwaves: how safe are they together?

By Amy Morrison

The short answer to this seems to be that microwaves are safe to use during pregnancy.

Many sites get into describing the science behind how microwaves work and that gets my mind a wanderin’ off to the theme of Oklahoma. Electromagnetic radiation that causes electromagnetic fields (EMF) and non-ionizing radiation (versus ionizing radiation like x-rays) are the terms that are being tossed around. There is a little talk about being careful about microwaves that leak but I got the impression that even leaking ones don’t pose much of a threat.

The better-safe-than-sorry party line suggests walking away while the microwave is on. I suggest you make dinner reservations for 40 weeks and screw cooking altogether, you know, just to be on the safe side.

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