Week 5 of Pregnancy

This is around the time that you usually know something is up.

Where the hell is my period? Why do my boobs hurt? Why does eating a case of Mr. Noodle sound amazing and the thought of orange juice make me want to vomit?

Then there are some women that skip all these symptoms and just go about their business until they are ready to give birth in line at the bank. You know who you are, Ladies.

The hCG levels are high enough in your body to confirm a positive pregnancy test so pee away on those sticks.

Your baby looks like a little tadpole now and its heart has already started beating. Major organs begin to grow and upper and lower limb buds begin to sprout. Tell your husband that if he rubs your feet enough he can actually hear the baby squeaking as it grows.

You may also be tired. Like really tired. Like holy-crap-do-I-have-mono tired. Your body is in overdrive making a placenta and a person and it wipes you out. This fatigue typically lasts during the first trimester so if you can take it easy here and there until you hit the 12 week mark. That said, you’re going to be a mother so you’re going to be tired for the next two decades. Own that shit.


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