Pumpkin Birth

Pumpkins giving birth? I had no idea this was a thing. But, apparently it is.

All I can think of when I look at them is, “Yep, that’s about right.”

Without further ado, here are all the delightful and terrifyingly accurate photos of pumpkins giving birth.

Flickr photo of pumpkins giving birth

I’m impressed that this pumpkin had the foresight to prepared for her home birth with the plastic tarp. She must have a good midwife (probably an acorn squash).


pumpkins giving birth

I can’t tell if she’s screaming from labour or lack of leg


pumpkins giving birth

I love the booties.


pumpkins giving birth

This pumpkin is clearly drunk and didn’t even know that she was pregnant. pfft.


pumpkins giving birth

How can something so simple weird me out so much?


pumpkins giving birth

I’m a little concerned with the level of detail here.


pumpkins giving birth

You yell as much as you want, Honey. Those angry sparkler babies are damn painful.


pumpkins giving birth

I love the horrified pumpkin in the background. That’s right, Buddy, birth isn’t always pretty so smarten up before she kicks your ass with her butternut squash legs.


pumpkins giving birth

Surprise! Your baby is green. You’ve got some explaining to do.


i am emily- pumpkins giving birth

I’m a little impressed at the back story this picture creates.


flickr - pumpkins giving birth flickr

I wish someone would move that knife out of the shot and clean that poor pumpkin up. She doesn’t need that nonsense.


blessed birth doula services - pumpkins giving birth

This gourd really has it together. Candles, music, skinny legs and full control over her birth. Bravo!


pumpkins giving birth

I think this pumpkin needs more meds – delirium has clearly set it.


flickr - pumpkins giving birth

Holy shit, how am I going to feed all these pumpkins!?


flickr - pumpkins giving birth

That’s a pretty awesome rack that pumpkin is sporting. It sort of cancels out the mess she made on the table, non?


Marlowe Dunker - pumpkins giving birth


This was carved by an OB nurse for the hospital she works at and I think it’s totally kickass.

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There you have it. I hope you’re as disturbed as I am with the emotional accuracy that some of these pumpkins possess.  Happy Halloween!

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