Baby Halloween Costumes

Oh man, nothing is cuter than a baby in a costume (hence my recommendation of dressing them up in one if they go through a purple crying period) so I asked Claire to round up some of the best ones out there. We tried to find a mixture of homemade and store bought because not everyone has bucks to spend on a costume and not everyone has hours to whittle one out of balsam.

I think she found some winners and please feel free to send us your picks – we may even add a few to the bunch here!

Some people have babies to fulfill some type of evolutionary destiny; I had babies so I could dress them up in a funny costume at Halloween.

After three kids and six little-kid-Halloweens I can say that it is every bit as cute and fun as I imagined it would be. But please, please learn from my mistakes. Don’t put your walking baby in something he can’t walk in! Don’t put your baby in a costume that is itchy, scratchy, heavy, or otherwise uncomfortable, no matter how cute! When my middle child was one year-old I got this elaborate dinosaur costume that he had to step into and keep this floppy hood on and it was kind of a shit-show. Before trick-or-treating he freaked out, threw himself on the ground in the (uncomfortable) dino costume and ended up wearing a fireman hat and his snow parka around our neighborhood.

Below are my favorite picks for infant Halloween. I’ve purposefully picked costumes that mimic pajamas or regular baby clothes and a few that are stroller and carrier friendly.


Beanie Baby

Seriously, this one could not be easier and adorable. Go get one of those fuzzy winter bunting things you have laying around and attach the “TY” tag and BAM! Dunzo.


Strawberry (jc penny)

Berry, berry adorable.


Zombie Baby/Mom (Source)

I don’t know who this chick is but I want to party with her. This costume mimics what the last 4 weeks of each of my pregnancies felt like.

Ninja Turtle (

I love this costume because it’s trendy, thanks to the TMNT movie, and I dig the two sets of eyeballs. Freaky!



Lobster in the Pot (Pinterest)

Take a easy going kid, add a lobster costume and a pot and you’re cookin’.


Popcorn Baby (Source)

My friend Kate knocked it out of the park with this one. This no-sew costume just requires your favorite baby carrier, some felt and a hot glue gun!



Popcorn baby – stroller costume

Similar to the above, only for those parents who prefer a stroller!


Ear of Corn bunting (

You can’t really go wrong with a bunting costume for your newborn. Aaaaand here’s where I admit I have a soft spot for babies dressed up as food. Corn on the cob…NOM NOM.


Baby Playing Poker – stroller costume

My baby would have had a field day playing with all the stuff on this table.


Baby Octopus

I just…I can’t even…oh shit, I just got blinded by the cuteness.

Candy Corn bunting (

I want to eat a whole bag of you. Wait. What?


Sophia from Golden Girls

A Pregnant Chicken reader submitted this and I spewed by coffee all over my laptop screen when I saw it. It is PERFECTION. No major cost required and funny as hell.

Baby Yoda in Fleece (

This was the costume I picked for my first baby’s first Halloween. Let your nerd flag fly!


Mr. Potato Head (

This one struck me as perfect because don’t all little babies have these huge, giant, round heads?


Baby Rocketship – carrier (Source)

I totally would have rocked this one at the backyard Halloween party we attended last year. And walked around drunkenly singing “Ground control to Major Tom…”

Carrot bunting (

I mean, come on. Are you kidding me with that hat?!


Oscar the grouch – carrier

Another brilliant Pregnant Chicken reader submitted this and I love it, mostly because babies are mostly grouchy when being paraded around, so why not just go with it? (I found a hat here.)


Fozzie Bear (



Baby Scuba Diver

For those of you with a pacifier baby, this could be the answer to your Halloween prayers.


Pink Bunny (

Adorable. The ears kill me.


Peacock (

Your baby might protest to how bulky this peacock costume is but I think it would be worth cramming her into it for one, glorious photo.



Most babies have a gnome-vibe going on anyway.


Cabbage Patch Kid

Once you have the wig you’re all set.

Claire Goss is a stay-at-home mother of three (ages 6, 4, and 1) who lives in suburban Boston. She has MA degree in child development, which doesn’t come in handy at all when your child has just ripped open 10 packets of infant oatmeal and dumped them on the floor. She is also known as Guru Louise at Rants from Mommyland and was also a regular contributor at She has been reading Pregnant Chicken for years and loves writing for the Burd because she gets to use all those curse words she is forced to edit out of daily preschool vocabulary.

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