The Best Baby Halloween Costumes

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Best Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s a scientifically unproven fact that there is nothing more squeal-inducing than baby Halloween costumes. We asked our readers to share their favorite kiddo costume picks and dang, did they deliver. This roundup of some of the cutest, funniest, and just plain best baby Halloween costumes will have you counting down the days till October 31st.

DIY Hand Made Costumes

baby chicken costume
Fluffy little chickens are everywhere! We love the feathers on this homemade costume. Credit: @bringingupbabe

baby dressed as pilsbury dough boy
Simple and effective. Look at that cute little squish! Credit: Courtney Irwin

baby dressed as cabbage patch doll
These Cabbage Patch Kid costumes were so cute, we couldn’t choose just one. Credit: @bringingupbabe

Cabbage patch kid with toys
Can you believe this is an actual REAL baby? Credit: @sara.marsher

ventriloquist baby halloween costume
This may be the first and only time a ventriloquist’s dummy hasn’t totally freaked me out. Credit: Content in a Cottage

baby outside dressed as gnome
As long as you don’t accidentally leave your kid in somebody’s flower bed, this costume is perfect. Credit: Little Bean Art

DIY little red riding
Quick costume idea! Throw on a red shawl, grab a cute little basket for candy, and you’ve got yourself an adorable Little Red Riding Hood. Credit: Dana Mueller

crazy lady DIY baby halloween costume
This girl has the crazy cat lady look DOWN. Credit: Lena Merchant

baby dressed up as little old lady
When this costume shows up at your door, you’d better hope you’ve got some Werther’s Originals on hand. Credit: Alaina Shadlock

baby dressed as Prince for Halloween
This is 100% what Prince looked like when he was a baby. I’ve seen the photos. Credit: @daynamax

DIY scuba diver baby halloween costume
If your kiddo is in love with his soother, why not incorporate it into the perfect scuba suit costume?! Credit: @ashleyfranc2

baby dressed as Mario video game
It’s a me – Mario! From the costumes to the props, this little dude’s costume is totally worthy of a Super Star. Credit: Kayla Teel

Sibling Halloween costumes

(Yes, pets count)

siblings dressed as popeye and olive oil
Well blow me down, this Popeye and Olive Oyl pair is too stinkin’ sweet. Credit: @datgrltrish

twins dressed as thing one and thing two
Fingers crossed that taking baby twins trick-or-treating means twice the candy for you. Credit: The Climb

two babies dressed as wayne and garth for halloween
Okay, when it comes to this costume, WE ARE NOT WORTHY! Credit: @laurenluskwillis

Ferris Bueller's Day off baby halloween costume
Seriously, I have no words. This Ferris Bueller’s Day Off getup is ICONIC. Credit: @laurenluskwillis

twins wrapped up as subway sandwiches
As if these two weren’t already cute enough to want to gobble up. Credit: Courtney Irwin

baby dressed as lobster with older brother as boat captain
The giant lobster pot is perfect for carrying babies and candy. Winning! Credit: @kkenbeek

family dressed up as dalmations
Anyone who can coordinate their pets into their costume automatically wins Halloween. Credit: Tanis Koroluk

baby dressed as pig for baby halloween costume
Okay, I actually can’t stop smiling after seeing these three little piggies. Credit: Tanis Koroluk

baby dressed as sherlock holmes with bloodhound
No doubt these two are on the hunt for more Halloween treats. Credit: @kaydunny

baby dressed as dog with his dog
You can actually see the delight on this dog’s face at having a Halloween costume twin. Credit: @thisismomjeans

Up baby halloween costume
Who can resist an adorable homage to Disney’s Up? Credit: Dani O’Reilly

Carrier or Wagon Halloween Costumes

Whether you’re using wagons, strollers, or carriers, parents have found some fun ways to incorporate transportation into their kids’ Halloween costumes.

family dressed as where the wild things are
File this costume under ‘E’ for epic. That is all. Credit: @sarahlea13/

mom dressed as nun with baby dressed as pope
Betcha didn’t expect to see the Pope roll up to your house on Halloween, did you?! Credit: @heathersuebell

baby jet fighter in wagon
To the person who created this incredible fighter jet costume: would you consider adopting me? Credit: @snosara

forest gump family costume
Anyone wanna place a bet on how long Lieutenant Dan kept that wig on before losing his shit? Credit: @theaspiringsomething

baby shark carrier baby halloween costume
This costume is perfect for baby sharks, mama sharks, daddy sharks, and all the do do dos in between. Credit: @mrs.redmon

family chicken and nest costume
Peekaboo! I spy a baby chick just waiting for some M&Ms to drop into her shell. @melissalynn303

oscar the grouch carrier costume
I CAN’T with this costume. Garbage mom and baby Oscar? TAKE MY CANDY. Credit: Haile Wellauer

DIY popcorn carrier baby halloween costume
The only problem with this costume is that I’d probably find myself snacking on that popcorn from the baby’s head. Credit: This Place Is Now a Home

lady bug and flower carrier costume
Hot parenting tip: Babies are never too little to go Trick Or Treating, but they are too young to eat the candy that they get. Find a carrier and come up with something simple and sweet, like this ladybug on a flower costume, get your butt out there and get those treats! Credit: @adorabirthandwellness

octopus and scuba diver baby halloween costume
I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be mine. Credit: @jociiiiiiiii

rocket carrier costume
This space themed carrier costume is outta this world. Credit: Pinterest

cage of lions baby halloween costume
Find me a more perfect costume than one that keeps your children contained in a cage. I’ll wait.  Credit: Krista Seefeld

bubble bath wagon baby halloween costume
Find me a more perfect costume than one that keeps your children contained in a cage. I’ll wait.  Credit: Christina Winship

Family Costumes

Cinderella and mouse costume
This sweet little duo is so cute, you’d almost be willing to give them the same midnight curfew as Cinderella. Let’s be honest, most babies are partying at that time, anyway. Credit: @janieaugsburger

ghostbusters baby halloween costume
Hunting for an adorable sibling costume idea? WHO YA GONNA CALL? These two. Hands down. Credit: Rachel Staffeldt McCartin

bull fighter family halloween costume
Gimme more of this sweet little matador. Credit: @janelle_lucero

circus family halloween costume
This crew is set to put on the greatest Halloween show, man. Credit: @kirbensey

labyrinth family halloween costume
Bonus points if they were singing “You remind me of the babe!” instead of “Trick or treat!”  Credit: Christine Sedam

shark attach family costume
This shark attack costume is actually a metaphor for parenthood. Credit: Chelsea Haddaway Williams

1010 Dalmatians family costume
These two lil’ Dalmatians are so cute I’m seeing spots. Credit: @chshea

flintstones family halloween costume
Fred’s giant club is perfect for fending off your children when you’re trying to sneak some of their candy. Credit: @gtmorris

cinderella family halloween costume
Can you believe this perfect Cinderella gown used to be a wedding dress?! This kiddo has incredible costumes in her future for sure.  Credit: @hayyvette

disney DIY baby halloween costume
In a pinch for a perfect costume? Find some black face paint for a button nose, grab some ears, and you’re good to go! We love the simplicity and effectiveness of this mom and baby getup. Credit: @liannaariel

chef and mouse costume
Take advantage of a plain-colored baby onesie, add some ears and a tail and voila! You’ve got the perfect Ratatouille costume. Credit: @marmelod23

baby chickens and farmers halloween costumes
We can’t ever resist a chicken costume and this one absolutely stole our hearts because there are TWO OF THEM.  Credit: @_kimberlyjoan_

lego family costumes with toddler and baby
The best thing about these Lego costumes is you won’t scream in agony when you step on one in the middle of the night. Credit: @abifaith18

mom and baby scuba and fish costume
Not gonna lie, I was definitely trying to figure out how long she could get around in those flippers before realizing they were foam cutouts that fit over her shoes. This is perfection. Credit: @janelle_lucero

Store Bought Baby Halloween Costumes

There are some incredible costumes that you can find for babies. Here are just a few amazing picks from this year.

Are you dying to see what adorable little monsters show up on your doorstep on Halloween? Do you have an awesome baby costume of your own to share? We want ALLLLLL the costume spam in the comments!

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55 of the best baby halloween costumes

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