Renting Maternity Clothes

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When I was pregnant one of the things I hated (along with my battery acid heartburn) was how tired all my maternity clothes got. I kind of had two types of maternity clothes – investment pieces that I had to wear over and over again so I’d get my money’s worth out of them, and cheap basics that got ratty because I didn’t want to spend a fortune on clothing that I would only be wearing for a short period of time.

This lovely combo made for a small wardrobe that I wore over and over (and over) again and looked like a sad waddling Groundhog Day. It didn’t help that my body kept changing so I didn’t know how to dress it – the cute top I bought in my early second trimester was barely containing my giant globe of a belly by my third.

If only there was some kind of service where I could just “rent” my maternity wardrobe. You know, like those sites where you rent a fancy cocktail dress then you just send it back when the party is over except, in this case, birth would be the party.

So I was pretty jazzed when the folks at LeTote contacted me about their maternity line because that’s exactly what they do.

Here’s how it works:


Sign Up

It’s a monthly subscription of $69 and you can get as many Totes as you’d like. It’s like Netflix but with clothes – you can binge wear all you want.



Add a heart to all the stuff you like the look of to fill your virtual closet. A stylist will go through and pull items they think you’ll like together then send you a notice letting you know that your tote is ready. You can swap stuff out or just say, “hell yeah” and have her send it. You get 5 great pieces in each shipment from brands such as BCBG and French Connection – as many totes as you want each month ($1,000+ value – ballin’). You always get free Priority shipping both ways.


Look Amazing

Strut around looking like damn rock star in your duds for as long as you want. When you decide it’s time for another tote, pack it up and send it back (they even take care of the cleaning for you). Plus, if you really love something you can buy it from them (for 30%-50% off retail I might add).

If you want to take a break simply pause the service and start it up again whenever you’re ready.

Brilliant, eh?

This would have been such a game changer for me because I was working in an office environment when I was pregnant. I felt silly wearing the same outfits day after day but I just didn’t want to invest in clothing that I wasn’t going to wear very long. It would have been so nice just to have a few new pieces that I could swap in and out to keep things a little more interesting. It also just dawned on me that this would be a good idea after you had a baby too. “Why yes, I would like to look nice while I’m carrying around post-baby weight, thank you.”


The only drawbacks I can see is that you can’t pause or cancel the service online (you have to call) but that could just be me because I hate talking to people. And it’s only available in the U.S. Yes, America, once again you can get stuff delivered to your door in record speed without custom charges – all the Canadians are nodding as they read this (possibly eating an Aero bar while basking in a year-long maternity leave but whatev – you still have it good.)

Overall, I think it’s a brilliant idea for those of us that want to have some variety in our maternity clothes without dropping a ton of cash on a new wardrobe. Heck, you could even add this to your registry as a gift (hint, hint, can I get a hell yeah holidays?)

You can check LeTote out here.

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Renting maternity clothes is a brilliant idea for those of us who want to have some variety in our maternity clothes without dropping a ton of cash on a new wardrobe! Le Tote is the way to go.The people at Le Tote compensated me for the time it took to understand and review their service, but all opinions and spelling errors are my own.

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