5 Baby Shower Game Ideas

I love baby showers. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s the promise of a fresh start. Maybe it’s the little clothes. Maybe it’s the little sammies with the crusts cut off. Dunno. But as soon as someone says “game time” I want to fake severe diarrhea and lock myself in the bathroom. They’re usually stupid but, over the years, I’ve come across a few that I think are smart/funny:

Book Ideas:

Everyone gets a card and you write your favourite kids book on it then they are collected and given to the mom-to-be. This one is great if the shower is for a first baby and most of the guests have kids.

Guest the Diaper:

Many people are absolutely disgusted by this one and that is probably why I frickin love it. You get a bunch of newborn diapers, write a number on the outside of each one and put two kitchen condiments in each one. The guests have to guess the condiment and the one with the most correct answers wins a prize from the dollar store. Awesome. Relish and honey mustard is always a show stopper!

Pink or Blue:

Once again I stumbled across this idea when I should have been making dinner, but I loved it. Each guest has to wear either pink or blue to the shower depending on what they think the sex of the baby is.

Advice in Advance:

Each guest gets a card and has to write a piece of advice for the baby as an adult. Mine was “Always tip your waiter and wear clean underwear” but I’m an asshat and I’m sure you would come up with something nicer.

Smart Cookie:

Each guest takes a turn saying “I’ve never…” and says something that they have never done like “been to New York”, “eaten sushi”, “been in a bar fight”, “hired a prostitute”, etc. If someone out of the group actually HAS done it, then they have to put a coin in the piggy bank in the middle of the room. At the end of the game, the change goes toward the new baby’s college fund and I love nothing more than a good old fashion money grab.

Please post some other good shower games or ideas. C’mon, I know you’re got ’em and Lord knows the world needs them.

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  • Through pinterest I found this AWESOME game – pin the sperm on the uterus. You make a giant uterus, guests all have to pin their sperm onto the uterus, doesn’t really matter where, and then the mother to be has to pin an "egg" and whichever sperm is closest to the egg wins. Graphic, and amazing. I can’t wait for my shower!

  • If you are combining a large group that doesn't know each other well there is a game where everyone wins. Everyone gets a blue piece of paper with a name of a candy bar on it. They also get a pink paper that has a phrase on it. The goal is to trade your pink papers until you get the phrase that matches the candy bar. Ex "Hundred Grand" = college fund, "Twix"= twins, "Mike&Ike"= boy names. once everyone finds their match you read them off and give them their candy bar!

  • We did the 'reveal' party just two weeks ago to share with family and friends that we are having a boy and I have to share that I too got my note back from the baker to ensure I he wasn't screwing with me. What can I say, my mind is suspicious to and I will hunt him down after the birth if I have a pink one 🙂
    ps. The 'reveal' party was a HUGE hit, our friends loved the idea.

  • I've played the diaper game with melted candy bars, too. Disgusting and absolutely hilarious. I've also played a game that matching stars with their parents, who were also stars. There were a ton I didn't know. Not the most energized game, but I thought it was interesting.

  • I just had my baby shower! We had the toilet paper one…where you wrap your partner in toilet paper and make them look as much like a baby as possible. The only thing I didn't like…was I had to be the one to pick the winner lol.

    We also had 1 with whoever drank a baby bottle full of juice the fastest, won.

    And another where we had a baby doll and you had to be blindfolded, and whoever dressed the baby the fastest won. But if you put something on wrong you were disqualified. [:

    And of course the one I hate the most: everyone wears a necklace and if you say baby it gets taken away, the person with the most necklaces at the end wins. [:

  • It's called Toilet Paper Diaper. Look up the rules online, as I don't remember all of them. The only thing I do remember is you break into teams and each team gets their own roll of toilet paper. One person stands perfectly still and the other teammates wrap the roll around the one persons bottom, in diaper-like fashion. You can "decorate" said diaper any way you want. I am thinkin that the pregnant mom has to be secluded in a seperate room until all diapering is complete. The mom to be is the judge of the best TP Diaper.

  • At my soon-to-be sister-in-laws baby shower we played a game where everyone wrote down a farm animal & 5 numbers between 1 – 75. They used a bingo ball to get the numbers & any time someone's number was called, they had to make the noise of the farm animal that they had picked. The first to have all 5 numbers called & had made the animal sound was the winner. It was hilarious listening to everyone make animal noises!

  • I normally HATE shower games, but I don't mind these. My friends had a raffle at mine for a "baby making kit". Guests got one ticket per pack of diapers that they brought. The winner got a basket with wine, candles, massage oil, etc.

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