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I’m a little obsessed with names so you can imagine what I was like when I had to decide on a name for my baby.

I had a billion books and combed the internet to see what names were popular or if anyone had come across some derogatory word that rhymed with the name I liked. Most baby naming books have a bunch of filler names, like Böyrg, with a little notation like “Origin: Nordic. Meaning: Healer of foot fungus” with very little insight.

Then I came across The Baby Name Wizard book and website.

Imagine Hans Gruber’s face in Die Hard when they finally got the safe door open (lights and Ode to Joy music included). That was how frickin’ happy I was. The site is every name-obsessed person’s dream. It has a section you can type in a name and it will tell you the meaning, global popularity, nicknames, sibling names, and people have left comments about their thoughts on the name.

Naturally I decided I should email these guys and tell them how fantastic they were and if it would be okay if I wrote a post on them. Well, the two women that run the site (Jennie Baird and Laura Wattenberg) were more than happy that I share the news about their site and they even asked me if I wanted to take their new Expert version for a test drive. Of course I said yes – even though I have nobody to name – but I didn’t let that stop me from rolling around in the glory of baby naming.

Cue the dream sequence.

What if I was pregnant and I was having a girl? What if I liked the name Emma but I decide it’s too popular for my liking? I just type “Emma” into the Name Matchmaker and it gives me pages and pages of recommendations. Maybe I want something a little longer. No problem. Simply adjust the little slider thingy on the side and I can whittle the names down depending on length, popularity, style and cultural preferences. I like Adelaide.

But what if I already had a little girl named Emma and another one named Sophie and I was pregnant with my third child and I wanted something that didn’t sound out of place? I just plugged in “Emma” and “Sophie” and out pops a ton of suggestions. How about Abigail, Lucy or Zoe? Having a boy? How about Samuel, Owen or Alex?

Best yet, I can save all my favourites so I can accost my husband with a flurry of names as soon as he walks through the door. Nice.

It costs $12 to upgrade to Expert which gives you access to Name Matchmaker, Name Voyager Expert, Name Finder Expert. I think it’s an inexpensive way to find that perfect name and a heck of a lot better than wasting your money on the “Böyrg” books.

In the time I’ve been using these tools, I’ve probably selected enough names that even a Duggar couldn’t keep up with but it’s always nice to know that if I did have another baby, I’d have a wonderful name for it. How about Emerson Grace? Or Everett Cole? Or Tess Maren?! Or Christopher James!?!!

Seriously, I can’t stop. I think A&E will come up with a series based on my problem – Intervention for Name Hoarders.

How about you? Have you got your name nailed down yet?

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