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By now you guys know that I wrote my own bitchin’ weekly pregnancy calendar, right? One of my goals when I wrote that thing was to give you some more information about that week of pregnancy besides the type of fruit your baby resembles. (Why do pregnancy calendars always tell you that shit?)

But you know what’s even better than knowing the approximate size of your little wee one? Being able to see a 3D video of how he or she likely looks! This app called Totally Pregnant tracks your pregnancy weekly and provides these amazing 3D video animations of your baby from conception through 40 weeks. Really cool.



Plus this app does a ton of other helpful stuff, too. There is a whole guide with tips and info for you that follows you though your pregnancy weekly and it has lots of video blog posts from other moms who are just as pregnant as you. You can shop from the app for any maternity and newborn-type stuff you’ll need (and the app gives you discounts on those items—score!). There is also an ‘ask the experts’ section where real medical professional answer really common pregnancy-related questions.

Maybe my favorite feature is that you can take classes right from you phone or iPad or whatever. Yeah, seriously. You can do Lamaze or prenatal yoga right from your living room. And I’m telling you, anything that doesn’t require real pants when you’re super pregnant gets a gold star in my book.

The app is free but you can opt in to the added features ­– considering that you have to pay for traditional birthing classes and get off the couch, I still think this is a pretty good deal.

Check out the app (you can find them on Facebook as well) and let me know what you think!

The folks from Totally Pregnant graciously sponsored this post, but you know I won’t tell you about shit I think is stupid. Right?

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