11 Weird Facts About Babies

I’m going to throw something out there that might be unpopular, but I’m of the firm belief that babies are weird AF. This doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate their cuteness or their delicate yet divine milky smell, because even thinking about tiny babies leaves me making this face:

But still.

There are all kinds of weird facts about babies. Don’t believe me? Read on.

1/ Newborns can’t taste salt.

Until around 4-5 months, salt is a mystery to tiny humans. Sweet, bitter, and sour though are all detectable from day one. Is it a coincidence they can’t taste salt at the same time mom is sweating so much she could float an ocean liner? Science should look into that.

And while we’re on the subject of taste…

They have about 3 times as many taste buds as an adult. So yes, those mashed carrots DO taste like death, hence the face.

2/ They cry without tears for the first few weeks of their life.

Just to clarify, they’ll definitely cry for a significant portion of those first few weeks of their life. There just won’t be tears running down those itty-bitty baby cheeks because it takes about 3-4 weeks for their tear ducts fully develop. 


3/ Speaking of crying, babies cry with mom’s accent.

Studies performed at the University of Würzburg found the pattern of a baby’s cry reflected the characteristics of their mother’s native language. Researchers were able to tell the difference between French and German babies based solely off their cry patterns. Cool, non?

4/ They like to face right.

Most babies have a head-turning preference. Only 15% of babies prefer to turn their heads to the left when lying on their backs. 

5/ Newborns can recognize mom’s voice from just one syllable.

Superpower or annoying factoid that will haunt you in a few years when they ignore everything you say? I’ll let you be the judge.

6/ They are hormonal AF.

Leftover hormones from mom can cause some bizarre (but totally normal) newborn surprises. Female babies can have bloody discharge (called pseduomenstration), and some female AND male babies can lactate. Give ‘em a couple weeks and those hormones will settle down.

7/ 4.5 babies are born worldwide every second.

babies rolling on bed weird facts about babies

This isn’t so much a weird fact as it just downright surprising when you run the numbers. (Happy birthday to the 4.5 babies born while you read that fact). 

8/ Babies can remember songs they heard in utero for up to 4 months.

Baby not sleeping? Try pumping up the jams to whatever was your go-to musical crutch during your pregnancy. Just remember that if you listened with ear buds, it ain’t gonna help. 

9/ Babies don’t have kneecaps.

Now before you feel the urge to see if your baby’s legs will bend in ungodly angles, stop. They have cartilage that will eventually turn into kneecaps in place, but until they are about 6-7 months, they are rockin’ soft knees. 

10/ Some babies can sleep with their eyes open.

woman sleeping with eyes open illustrating weird facts about babies

Nocturnal lagophthalmos is the sciency name for sleeping with your eyes open. Add it to the list of things babies do that are totally normal but also pretty kooky dook when compared to their older counterparts.

11/ They can breathe and swallow at the same time.

animal swallowing and breathing at the same time illustrating weird facts about babies

Go ahead and see if you can still do it, I’ll wait. See? You can’t. At around 3 months, your larynx moves down from your sinus into your throat taking away your ability to breathe and swallow simultaneously.

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