Fun Facts About Your August Baby
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Fun Facts About Your August Baby

By Kayla Young

As summer winds down, August babies are yet another ray of sunshine to remind us all that good days are still ahead, and they have a glistening birthstone to match! Both their presence and their happy disposition make them fun to be around, and, thanks to our friend vitamin D, these babies also tend to be as larger than life physically as they are personality-wise.  

Zodiac Signs:


July 23 - August 22
Much like the lion itself, Leos are loyal, confident, charismatic, ambitious, theatrical, and brave.


August 23 - September 22
Virgos are notorious for being perfectionistic, organized, problem-solvers, intelligent, introverted, and detail-oriented.

Birthstone for August: Peridot

Birth Stone:

Peridot might be a stone you’re less familiar with, but its gorgeous green hue truly is unforgettable. Back in ancient times, folks associated peridot with the sun, and the stone was kept close at night to ward off evil spirits. Although peridot and emerald are both green, peridot tends to have a yellowish (and sometimes brownish) overtone and isn’t as deep green in color.

Birth Flowers for August: Gladiolus and Poppy

Birth Flowers:

The gladiolus is a one of a kind flower - kind of like the August babies it represents! This stacked bloom is sometimes called a ‘sword lily’, which might just be the coolest name for a flower there is. The gladiolus is a symbol for remembrance, calm and integrity. The poppy is the second birth flower for August. It’s often thought of as a symbol of remembrance, as well as pleasure, consolation, wealth and success, depending on the color.

August Baby Milestones:

Start smiling: Most likely between October and November (6-12 weeks)

Start laughing: Probably by around December (4 months)

Start crawling: Probably between March and June (7-10 months)

Start walking: Likely by May to November of next year (9-15 months)

Fun Facts:

Here are a few fun facts about babies born in August. Do you think they ring true?

Rays of Sunshine

Research suggests August babies’ optimism could be due to vitamin D exposure both in the womb and after birth. It’s also thought that August babies might have a “seasonal imprint” on their biological clock of  the long light cycle of the summer, bringing brighter smiles to infants born in these months. (source) and (source)

Ya Big Baby

Babies born in late summer tend to be heavier at birth and taller as adults, meaning your August baby is likely to grow to be big and strong. Scientists think it’s because of the boost of vitamin D they got when their pregnant moms spent time in the sun. (source)

Oldest Or Youngest

Depending on when you register them, your August baby will either be the oldest or the youngest kid in their class, since most school registration cutoffs are September 1st.

Famous Folks Born In August

August 4, 1961 - Barack Obama
August 4, 1981 -  Meghan Markle
August 7, 1975  - Charlize Theron
August 9, 1963 - Whitney Houston
August 15, 1912 - Julia Child
August 16, 1958 - Madonna
August 16, 1962 - Steve Carell
August 19, 1883 -  Coco Chanel
August 23, 1978 - Kobe Bryant
August 27, 1910 - Mother Teresa

National August Days:

August 1 - Respect for Parents Day
August 2 - Sisters Day
August 3 - International Friendship Day
August 4 - Chocolate Chip Day
August 7 - Brother's Day
August 8 - Sneak Some Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Night
August 10 - Duran Duran Appreciation Day
August 12 - Middle Child Day
August 13 - International Left Hander’s Day
August 24 - Pluto Demoted Day

What are your thoughts on August-born babies?

Do the ones you know lean more towards being a perfectionistic Virgo or courageous Leo? Were they the oldest or youngest kid in your class growing up? Fill us in in the comments!

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