Fun Facts About Your July Baby
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Fun Facts About Your July Baby

By Kayla Young

July babies have a ton of qualities that make them pretty darn special. Not only do these summer-born babies tend to have a positive outlook on life, they also have the strength and determination to get them through the tough times when they come. Staying calm when things get stressful is the name of the game for July babies, but if they need a little extra support, their bright red birthstone is also said to help them stay level-headed.

Zodiac Signs:


June 21- July 22
No crabbiness to be found here. Cancers are traditionally known to be compassionate, sensitive, loving, nurturing, committed, and protective.


July 23 - August 22
As you’d expect, Leos are classically loyal, confident, charismatic, ambitious, theatrical, and brave.

Birthstone for July: Ruby

Birth Stone:

It’s no wonder that the strength and power of July babies is matched with a birthstone symbolizing these same characteristics. Traditionally, warriors held onto these bright red stones to increase their strength and stamina. Rubies have also been said to help calm the wearer’s fiery emotions. These gems are popular, but they don’t come cheap - high quality stones can go for as much as a million bucks per carat!

Birth Flowers for July: 

Birth Flower:

Much like July babies, the birth flowers for this month are total showstoppers. The Larkspur is a towering spike of blooms that comes in many colors, and each has its own special meaning. While white larkspurs symbolize happiness and blue represent grace, the flower in general is a symbol for strong bonds of love. Water lilies are the beautiful blooms you find among lilypads in bodies of water like ponds. These aquatic flowers kind of look like little crowns, which makes sense since they’re a symbol of majesty and purity.

July Baby Milestones:

Start smiling: Most likely between September and October (6-12 weeks)

Start laughing: Probably by around November (4 months)

Start crawling: Probably between February and May (7-10 months)

Start walking: Likely by April to October of next year (9-15 months)

Fun Facts:

Here are a few fun facts about babies born in July. Do you think they ring true?

Sunny Disposition

July babies look on the bright side; research suggests that there may be a tie between the season babies are born in and their overall mood throughout life.  July babies are exposed to sunshine right away, which might help create their sunny disposition. (source)

Lefties For Life

July babies are more likely to be lefties. Studies suggest that babies born between March and July are more likely to be left-handed, while babies born between August and February are more likely to be right handed. (source)

Larger Than Life

July babies tend to be heavier at birth and taller as adults. Scientists think it’s because their mothers spent more time in the sun, giving their babies a boost of vitamin D. (source)

Cool as a cucumber

Researchers say July babies have better self-control and emotional regulation. It may have something to do with the sunny month’s positive impact on mom’s postpartum mood, as well as serotonin activity. (source)

Famous Folks Born In July:

Princess Diana - July 1, 1961
Tom Hanks - July 9, 1956
Julius Caesar - July 12, 100 BC (Fun Fact - the month of July was named after him!)
Kristin Bell - July 18, 1980
Will Ferrell - July 16, 1967
Nelson Mandela - July 18, 1918
Robin Williams - July 21, 1952
Alex Trebek - July 22, 1940
Amelia Earhart - July 24, 1897
Jacqueline Kennedy Onnasis - July 28, 1929

National July Days:

July 1 - Deep Fried Clams Day
July 6 - International Kissing Day
July 10 - Teddy Bear Picnic Day
July 11 - Slurpee Day
|July 13 - National French Fries Day
July 14 - International Nude Day
July 15 - Gummi Worm Day
July 19: Global Hug Your Kid Day
July 26 - Aunt and Uncle Day
July 30 - Share a Hug Day

Would you agree that July-born babies are as strong and courageous as they are calm and collected?

Do you know a lefty who was born in the month of July? We want to hear your thoughts on July birthdays in the comments!

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