Fun Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

So I asked you all if you had announced your pregnancies in fun and unique ways and it turns out, you did. Ya’ll are crafty and smart and that’s why I love ya.

Here are just a few cool ways to tell your husband, family and friends that you’re expecting from your suggestions from Facebook, Twitter and Email but feel free to add more in the comments:

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“We found out Christmas Eve. We told my family we had a group present for them and when they opened  it there was a 0000 white terry baby jumpsuit inside 🙂 they guessed  pretty quickly what we were trying to tell them!”

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“We had no idea we were  expecting our second child until I was getting prepped for an operation  to receive laser treatment to remove cancer cells in my cervix. The  nurse said I had to take a test just incase I could pregnant. When it  came back as positive I bought a badge that said ‘best big brother ever’  from the hospital cafeteria and pinned it on our sons shirt. We drove  to my husbands work and our son proudly showed his dad. My husband had  to take a double look! Was the best way I could surprise him”

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“My daughter bought a cookie cake with a stork on it that said “we are expecting” and revealed it  while we were out eating for my son in laws birthday. We thought all  along before we saw it that it was gonna be a birthday cookie. They got us good!!”

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“I sent a balloon bouquet to DH  at work and the card read, ‘We’re going to need a bigger car'”

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“I made little cards with my  10 week ultra sound on the front and a personalized note “from the baby”  inside then presented each one individually.”

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“We told everyone that, due to dedication to our family, we were promoting our daughter to BIG SISTER.”

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“I found out the day after Christmas, so the tree was still up. I told DH that I “forgot” to give  him a gift and left it under the tree and he could unwrap it when he got  home from work. I wrapped up the positive pregnancy test, left it under the tree and went upstairs to shower. He was so excited to get another  gift that he came home early. All I heard was him running up the stairs screaming when he got home!”

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“A friend tried to tell me in a  roundabout way that she was pregnant – and then went home in tears  because I had just smiled and nodded, having no idea what she was talking about. So when it was my turn I messaged friends with the subject line (and announced on Twitter), “I’M PREGNANT, BITCHES.” Sometimes being direct is best.”

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“We invited both of our mothers over for dinner and I had a cake made at the local store. It was  meant to be a baby shower cake but I had them put “Congratulations  Grandma’s” on it. It had a really cute little stork figurine on it that we saved as a momento. When I brought the cake out there were a few  seconds of silence then the room erupted w/ congratulations and mild screaming. It was so much fun!!”

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“I had a friend special order fortune cookies to say “A baby in your future,” invite everyone over for  chinese and said everyone MUST read their fortunes at the same time…”

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“It was christmas and my  parents live interstate. They knew we’d been battling infertility for 2 years already so when I called Christmas morning I said “Merry Christmas Nana” to my mum when she answered. I heard a shriek and a lot of  commotion, then she started crying. According to dad she had dropped the phone and jumped around the living room screaming. Not at all like my mother.”

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“My mother figured it out long before I was ready to tell, all because I turned down a glass of  champagne. The best reveal was for my grandparents. To put this in context, you have to understand that my grandfather has been wanting to be a great-grandfather since I was 15 years old. It was driving him nuts that we had been married for three years and no baby. So at a big fancy dinner for their 60th wedding anniversary, in front of about 100 friends and family, I told him I had been working on their gift but it wasn’t complete, but I brought a picture of it. I whipped out the framed ultrasound photo and it sounded like a bomb went off with all the  squealing. Of course, my grandfather had to have it explained to him, having no idea what it was a picture of.”

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“My favorite I’ve ever heard was some friends who found out a couple weeks before us that they’re  pregnant had a big family dinner, and my girlfriend said she wanted to take a picture of the whole family, so her husband got up & put the camera on record instead of to snap a picture, her husband said “what do we say Megan??” and she says “We’re pregnant!!” as everyone is smiling  & ready for the picture- everyone turned to her in shock & surprise and starting hugging her, and they got it all on camera.”

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“facebook status update: OVbunEN”

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“When I found out the sex of our baby (which wasn’t planned since my husband had to miss the apt,  stupid doc lol) I bought a little blue onesie that said ‘if you think I’m handsome, you should see my daddy’ and I folded it up and put it I’m my husbands dresser, so the next morning when he was getting ready for work he found it and was totally shocked. :). His face was priceless.”

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“Invite them over — tell them to open your oven and in it you will find a bun.”

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

“I posted picture of a bun in a oven on my Facebook page!”

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“I told my hubby with a card. I wrote on outside:

Blank card: $2

Fine point marker: $1

Home pregnancy test: $12

On the inside I taped the positive hpt and wrote:

The look on your face when you realize you’re going to be a dad…priceless”

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How brilliant is this one from Blending Beautiful? On a side note, there are some gorgeous nursery ideas on this site and she does a pretty killer series of week-by-week pregnancy shots if you want to check ‘er out.

I don’t think I’ve seen anything like this shot from A. O’Brien Photography, but it sums up a pregnancy announcement perfectly.


Love the looks this little girl has. I bet she’s made an amazing big sister.


This one would be really simple to do – as long as your pet sits still of course.

That’s one amazing Christmas present.


This one is simple and lovely without getting too ‘bow chicka bow wow’ about how they got pregnant in the first place.  I find that’s a slippery slope in maternity photography as well.

Not enough you say? Check out my Pregnancy Announcement Pinterest Board, or our post about creative ways to use a letter board if you’re looking for even more inspiration. Feel free to comment below if you had a creative way to announce your pregnancy!


And lastly, I will never get tired of watching this woman’s reaction. Never. It always makes me happy cry.

Editor’s Note: I tried to credit the source in all the pictures but I couldn’t the original source for a few of them, so let me know if you know who took these amazing shots.

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  • This was what I posted on Facebook to announce to friends (along with a side view of my belly!)

    It was the year of 2012,
    Into parenthood we did delve!
    Our first was so tiny, sweet, precious, and dear,
    That we gladly added another the following year!
    Love doubled with two so we jumped up to three!
    Everything tripled: the love, the mess, and the glee!
    Now we’ve decided our hearts and chaos should grow,
    So we are adding number four to the show!

    For my parents and in laws, I make them a photo calendar every year so this year I put a picture of a stork carrying a baby on our due date and sent it to them. Made for some good phone calls!

  • For my family we bought cupcakes and put little decorative flags that said grandma, grandpa, aunt, and uncle. My mom said I’m not a grandma and then it clicked for everyone haha and then came the squealing.
    For my in laws we asked my fil what his carpentry plans were since he’s always working on something. Then we asked him if his next project could be a crib. Loved the look on everyone’s faces.

  • For our first pregnancy which unfortunately failed I bought my mom a bunch of yarn and a knitting pattern book, when she asked what it was for I told her she needed to start making my baby a blanket.
    For my successful pregnancy, we had a few different ways we announced, we told my brother by watching YouTube and telling him we had the coolest video to show him and then showed him a video of our ultrasound, for my mother in law we mailed her ultrasound pictures for her birthday and for Facebook we posted a picture of our dog beside a pair of baby shoes

  • I was at a work convention where we were finally telling people and Jay Leno was a guest speaker. I snagged him and asked him to pose in a picture with me and a sign saying "Emily & DH are Having a Baby" It was awesome!

  • For our second child we found the population sign to the city we live in and added "Population Change +1 Match 2014". It was a hit.

  • DH is a computer programmer, so for our second we posted on FB "[Surname] 2.0 is now in Beta. Scheduled to be released to the public March 2010!"

  • My brother-in-law and his wife had their families wear different colored shoes at their wedding, blue for the groom’s family and lime green for the bride’s. Then when they found out they were pregnant and found out the sex of the baby, they posted a picture of their shoes, with a tiny pair of bright green shoes next to them to announce they were having a girl. Everyone squealed when they saw it.

  • I love these ideas! When I find out I’m having a baby (hopefully this week, fingers crossed), my husband and I are planning something special for my parents. We always do our laundry at their house and I plan on coming into the room complaining that they’re dryer is broken and is shrinking our clothes, but I’m actually holding a pair of baby socks! I hope it works!

  • I found out 3 days before Christmas that #2 was coming. I called to make an appt with my OB and a confirmation letter came right away. I wrapped the letter in wrapping paper and stuffed in in the bottom of my husband’s stocking and kept my mouth shut until he opened it.

    Next, we made a onesie for our 9 month old (I know….) saying ‘only child status: expires Summer 2012’ and zipped a sweater jacket on top to go to dinner with our families. When someone commented on how cute the sweater was, we unzipped and let him reveal just how cute he could be.

    Last, I snapped a photo of him in the onesie (bawling…it was perfect) and we texted it to all our friends simultaneously at my birthday party 2 months later (we then posted to FB).

  • I found out we were expecting #2 while on vacation at DisneyWorld. They have buttons to announce what you’re celebrating, ie)birthday, anniversary, "i’m celebrating" and they write on the occasion. I slipped away one night and had them make one for our son to say "becoming a big brother" and another that said "we’re expecting", then met my husband down by the fire outside the Animal Kingdom Lodge lobby. I told him I had them make us some new buttons and handed them to him. He almost didn’t believe me.
    Then we saved the buttons and put them on the last page of our Disney photo album along with a photo of the positive test next to a pic of Minnie and Mickey. We let our parents find out when they looked at our vacation album.
    The extended family was a little more accidental. We got our 6 week ultrasound on my husband’s birthday and he excitedly posted the sono photo to his Facebook saying BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!!! Needless to say we were inundated with phone calls from cousins and aunts and uncles who just found out via the book. Woops! We sent a follow up email that weekend with the official letting them know info.

  • These are super cute! We sent my parents a box of baby-themed candy (Baby Ruth, Sour Patch Kids, Sugar Babies) with a grandma mug and had them open it over Facetime. We told his family in person with the whole "Let’s take a family photo – on 3 say ‘Liz is pregnant’!" while I actually took a video of their reactions. And then we told our friends through a rousing game of Cards Against Humanity – which was hilarious. 🙂 I think the important thing is just to make it very you and have fun with the occasion.

  • I photoshopped my 12-week ultrasound with a comic book style speech bubble that said "I can’t wait to meet you Grandpa." On Christmas eve we gave my father in law a fancy letter opener first, then the ultrasound in an envelope. It was great.

  • We bought tshirts for ourselves and ones for my husbands family that read "Mom to be 2013", etc… we gave them out as Christmas presents for Christmas 2012… that’s how we announced it to his family (unfortunately, I lost that one shortly thereafter, but the tshirts and pictures were used for the one I’m currently expecting – 5 weeks to go!).. then took pictures of all of us wearing our shirts, which I then turned into postcards that I sent out to our remaining family & close friends… and a little while later, we posted those same pictures on facebook to announce to everyone else.

  • We told my MIL by giving her a picture of the sonogram that we imposed "Hi Grandma" in the bottom. When my hubs gave it to her he said he had a present for her that took 12 weeks to make. She thought it was the frame & congratulated him on making it look so nice. He’s not known for doing things in a timely manner. On FB I updated my status to read "Rob’s going to be a daddy and I’m pretty sure it’s mine".

  • To announce my first pregnancy to my DH (ended up in a miscarriage but then had a wonderful baby), I bought two Kinder eggs. I carefully unwrapped them, opened the two halves, opened the plastic egg and put a baby sock in each, then proceeded to seal them back together by melting the chocolate and re-wrapping them. Then I gave one to DH for dessert and I took one. When he got the the plastic egg and the supposedly toy, he said "it’s a baby sock, it’s not a toy, it’s dumb". I said "that’s weird, I have a baby sock too in mine". And I got to see his surprise and joy in his eyes!

  • I made onsies for my parents that said I love grandma and I love grandpa.. I told them that I had forgotten to give them a christmas gift(a month after christmas and the first time I had seem them) my dad totally didnt get it.. my mom was shocked!. My inlaws we dropped it on them after a nice dinner celebrating their 10 year anniversary.. we got their reactions on video.. it was awesome!

  • My father is a devout Christian and we always say grace before dinner. I found a new prayer to say, but added a line thanking God for making him and my mother grandparents. I gave it to him right before dinner (we only see them once or twice a year) and when he got to that line, his face was priceless 🙂

  • Awww! I LOVE these! We waited 8 years and battled infertility, too! When we told my mother-in-law, we said we had a birthday present for her, but it wasn’t quite ready yet; it was only about the size of an orange seed… English is her second language, so she thought we had gotten her an orange tree. We had to explain that we were pregnant. Our Weeble turns one on Monday! 🙂

  • When I was a little girl, I had made a small cross-stitch for my grandmother that said, ‘I love you, Grandma’. When my grandmother lost her battle with cancer two years ago, my mother retrieved it from the house and said I would know when to give it back to her. So, when my parents came to visit a few weeks ago, I wrapped it up and gave it to her after our lunch. The best part was that she had forgotten about it, but remembered as soon as she saw it. Instant tears…it was even more fantastic because we were at the State Fair…

  • I asked my sister to help me pick up a heavy item at a department store. Then I parked in the "expectant mothers" parking spot. Only one "you can’t park here" before she started crying!

  • My brother has been waiting YEARS to get me back for the drum set I bought my nephew for his second birthday so I knew telling him had to be super special…

    I sent him a french cuff shirt he’d been wanting for his birthday. Inside the collar of the shirt was a small package to open. When he opened it, he found a set of cufflinks that said "The BEST brothers….get promoted to UNCLE". Took him about 3 seconds to get it before yelling out, "She’s pregnant?!?!"

  • I bought a book for each of my family members- The Lorax, Green Eggs and Ham, Goodnight Moon etc. On the front of each book, there was a small note that said "Dear Aunt Hannah (or Grandpa or Great Grandma, etc), this is for you to read to Baby (Our Last Name) in August of 2013." It was hilarious watching my parents, sisters, and grandparents all open them up at the same time– and to see who noticed the book first or who noticed the note! It was a great way to tell my family.

    When I told my husband (who is in the US Navy), I wrapped up a toddler "Navy" shirt with my pregnancy test and gave it to him to open. He held up the tiny t-shirt, found the pregnancy test underneath, looked at me with this completely amazed look, and we both started crying and hugging. Two of my best memories.

  • My husband and I are big Disney fans. We went to Disney a week after our positive test and took a picture with Mickey Mouse and my hubby pointing to my belly. I posted it on facebook when we were ready to share the news with friends, and the caption was "No matter how big or how little, everyone needs to meet Mickey Mouse during their first trip to Disney!" Some people didn’t get it, which was fun in itself!

  • For my husband’s mom we gave her a gift for Mother’s Day. Inside was a golden gramophone music box because she loves music boxes. We told her we had a card and on the front said "1st time Grammy" and inside were my first ultrasound photos. She just sat there staring at them and asking if they were real. It took her a minute for her to really process that she was going to be a grandma for the first time (hence 1st time Grammy).

  • We plan to try for another with in the next year and as our announcement I’m going to have my daughter receive a "I’m the big sister" shirt for either her birthday or Christmas and when she opens it hold it up for everyone to see.

  • We’re missionaries, so we told everyone a new missionary was expected to live at our house in the Fall. Someone asked how long they would be staying with us.
    We said at least 18 years.

    For FB we did a classic photo of us dressed in our favorite football team’s jerseys. DH held the onesie and I made the touchdown sign.

  • This is the first grandkid on both sides for us, so it’s a pretty big deal. When we told our immediate family, we made each person a coffee mug that you can personalize with ceramic paint pens – "One Hot Grandma", "Go Ahead, Call Me Grandpa", "Uncle Cameron", etc. We told them they were souvenirs from our recent vacation, but they were all the same so everyone had to open them at the same time – it was so fun watching as they figured out what it meant before everyone started cheering. 🙂

    After we were done telling everyone we wanted to tell privately, we posted a picture on facebook of a onesie that said, "Made in Texas with German Parts". I’m a born-in-Texas native and my husband is from Germany, so it was a hit with our friends and family on facebook to have it announced that way.

  • I am telling my mom and dad today! They live in another state so I sent them a mug I found at Goodwill (years ago and have saved). It has an antique car on it (my fathers profession) and says "Grandpa." They have no idea. Inside is the 7 week ultrasound w/heartbeat. I’m tracking the package and I know when their mail is usually delivered so I am planning to skype them before hand and be there for the reaction 🙂 We’ll have to quickly shift gears call tell my husbands parents so no one is jealous. I am SO excited!!! They have NO idea we were even trying but my mom kept stressing at how supportive she wants to be when we do have a family.

  • Quick Note: To the woman with the prego sauce idea, you could also add a picture of frozen eggo waffles (your eggo is prego):)

  • We found out about 5 days before thanksgiving. But we were flying to ATL so we weren't going to see our immediate family until that weekend. So we got gift bags and filled them with random baby stuff (booties, bottles, pacis) ect. I also bought two onesies that had grandma loves me and my aunties the best and made sure that went to my aunt and mom. So I have everyone their "souvenirs" and they opened them at the same time. My mom was kinda frozen in shock but by that time everyone was already hugging me. Then we started to pick out names immediately!

  • I told my husband by making him take a bubble bath with me (which was a frequent activity we enjoyed together. I had laminated a little piece of paper that said "You're going to be a daddy" on it and let it float in the water!

    I told my family at a "birthday party" for my husband. I had told them about this awesome t-shirt I had seen in the mall that said "my wife rocks" and they anticipated him opening it, but instead, I'd painted a shirt that said "we're having a baby" and my hubby opened it and turned it around! The awesome part is the next thing my husband found in the box was the "my wife rocks" shirt along with the Xbox I had bought him for his birthday! He was surprised too! 🙂

  • The first two times I found out I was pregnant I didn't do anything special I just peed on a stick when Husband was at work and then called as soon as the two lines popped up. I think I was scared and too excited to keep it to myself. Well, those two ended in miscarriage and was hard on us so my husband has said he doesn't think he'll get his hopes up until we get something that really proves the baby may make it like a heartbeat. So, this is what I plan to do next time I find out I'm preggo, I'll wait until I have my first doc appt. and ask if I can record the heartbeat and picture onto my phone and when I get home tell my hubby I want him to watch something I got through text today cause it's really cool. He'll watch it and get to hear the heartbeat of our precious baby. And I'm sure I'll say something like "that's our baby Daddy and you'll be able to meet'em on whatever the due date will be!"

  • With my first pregnancy I was really unoriginal, I took a picture of my positive test and sent it in a text to my husband. Then with my second pregnancy I bought a plain white shirt and drew a baby on board sign on the belly area, when I got home I had a jacket on and I unzipped it to show hubby, I think he thought it was a joke at first and he called me crazy. Unfortunately both of those ended in miscarriage. We finally decided we're ready to try again. So this time I think I'll make a play list with songs that all have "baby" in the title and ask him to listen to some music with me before we go to bed then I'll tell him to look through the list and pick a song. Hopefully he'll get it!

  • I planned to tell my husband during a normal trip to Starbucks on a Saturday morning. He was supposed to order his regular hot coffee but instead ordered iced…argg! So, I had to be flexible and I handed the barista a note asking her to write, "We are goiing to have a baby!" on my cup. She was so excited to do it! My husband was looking for a seat. When I sat down I played it cool but then said, "oh, look, they wrote something on my cup." I turned it around, he read it, and he turned pale!!! haha. We were trying for a baby but he wasnt expecting it this early! He started crying, I started crying, the barista's were cheering, and the whole shop was clapping! The manager took a picture of us and said we have to come back in when the baby is born! It was perfect!!!!

  • When we go visit our family in a month we are going to have my husband's aunt and uncle take a family picture of the three of us. Right before the picutre is snapped we are going to hold up signs. My daughter is going to hold up one that says "#1" (with the help of daddy) and I am going to hold one up that say "#2" with an arrow pointing to my belly. then we are going to print off the picture and give them to everybody.

  • I had a miscarriage before, so rather than wait to tell everyone, I told everyone the day I found out. I like to try to keep things positive and I thought if I told everyone real early, I'd be more apt to think positively that a miscarriage will not happen. Why would it happen? So many people know about it y'know. My body can't let me down like that lol. However I plan on being a bit more fun when we find out the gender, I'm going to have a cake made!

    I also have a blog, it's located here I'm new to the scene but I post regularly. Check it out please!

  • We found out about three weeks before April fools day. I somehow managed to hold the secret in, and on April 1st I posted "Hey everyone, I'm pregnant!" on Facebook. NOBODY believed me. A few of my friends/family members even made fun of me for being so unoriginal. On April 2nd I posted a picture of my 8 week ultrasound with the caption "I won April Fools Day, Jerks! Top that!". The reactions were priceless.

  • my husband and i had been trying for four months before he left for boot camp and i found out right after he left that we were expecting…..he wasnt allowed to make any phone calls home until two weeks in and it just so happened that his first phone call home was on fathers day 🙂 i had intended to show up to his boot camp graduation after 8 weeks and share the news then but he could hear in my voice that i wasnt telling him something so i decided to tell him over the phone and i'm so glad i did! he got all choked up and almost lost it in a room full of men all making phone calls home too! my hubby is a rock so when i heard how emotional and happy he sounded it just made me cry with happiness too 🙂 i waited till he graduated from bootcamp to go to my first obgyn appt so he could be there as well 🙂 we found out our due date was on valentines day! our daughter decided not to come till february 21 but she's nearly a year and a half now and she is a constant source of joy for us….i will never forget how special our first baby experience was! 🙂

  • I know this is a little late, but I loved all those stories so much, and I love how we announced ours, so I wanted to share. My dad lives in another state, and I tried to subtly tell him by asking him if he had vacation time from work to come visit in about 8 months… he totally did not get it… I had to keep saying, not quite 9 months, but maybe 8 months… lol he finally got it and was so excited. I've been married for 6 years, and in his middle eastern accent he said: "FINALLY! we've been waiting so long!" My mom got it a little quicker, and she was very excited too!

    We made this youtube video for facebook and other family, everyone loved it!

  • I can't take 100% credit for this idea as I Googled "creative ways to announce you're pregnant to family" before making an announcement and ran across this idea. I found out on a Wednesday or so and sat on the info a couple days before announcing it to my family. Luckily, my Mom, Step-Dad, Aunt and Uncle and 2 friends of the family were all meeting for dinner on the following Friday at Applebee's. So I decided that's where we'd break the news. Someone online suggested making shirts that say "I Am" for the mother-to-be and "I Am Not" for the father-to-be to wear. So I made our shirts with a white cotton Tee and a Sharpie and off we went. We wore normal everyday T-Shirts on top. Once there, we waited a few minutes and looked at each other and said "It sure is hot in here" "Yeah, it's hot". We both stood up and took off our top layer at the same time to reveal our homemade shirts. By this time, we looked so scripted we had the whole restaurants attention. Mom looked at me and said "ARE YOU SERIOUS? IS THIS A JOKE?" Meanwhile, my aunt says "I am? I am not? What?" as my Mom rushes over to me to hug me with tears streaming down her face. The rest of the restaurant says "Awwweeee". I was so happy to do something special like that for my Mom but do regret not getting it on film. I had intended on filming it but was so excited, nervous, etc it didn't get filmed.

  • My mom had just started cutting coupon's. So when my husband and I found out that I was pregnant I wanted to find a fun way to tell her. I decided to cut out different coupon's and place them in a lil sandwich bag. I designed my very own baby coupon! It said Coupon in bold letters and at the top,on the right it said 'due on or before xxx-xx' then at the middle of the coupon I put 'reedembable for one baby(1)' and below that I said, 'No refunds, or exchanges' then put some small lines at the bottom where you would normally scan the coupon. The face she made was priceless, and she said that was the coupon she had recieved! 😉

  • I found out just before Thanksgiving. Although we told the grandparents before Christmas, we made them promise not to spill the beans for the rest of the family until Christmas day. I went to the local T-shirt shop and had shirts in different colors screen printed with white letters saying "Grandpa", "Grandma", "Yiayia" and "Papou". I made them open them on Christmas and wear them to the different family gatherings. It was great. Some siblings & cousins caught on right away. One uncle stood there and talked to his brother for 30 minutes before he actually read the shirt. Now they proudly wear the shirts when we come to visit at least once or twice and still pose for pictures.

  • We found out a few hours before going out to dinner with my husband's parents to celebrate my birthday. When we reached the restaurant, we ordered drinks. My parents-in-law did a quick toast to my birthday with drinks they'd already started, and then once we received our drinks I insisted on making a toast too. They were slightly taken aback, and I think they were just humouring me before we started dinner. My husband and I raised our glasses and offered a toast "To the new grandparents!". It took a second, then tears appeared in both their eyes and they couldn't stop smiling all evening!

  • We found out the day before my birthday that I was pregnant. My husband had already planned a big get together with friends and family to celebrate…in reality it was perfect timing because no one was suspicious of the reason for the celebration…so we completely caught everyone off-guard. I made a shirt that said "28 and Pregnant" and wrapped it as a gift from my husband. After dinner, everyone sat around eating cake while I opened my cards and gifts. I opened the box and held up the shirt for everyone to read…as my best friend snapped pictures of everyone's reaction. Those pictures are priceless…especially the ones of my grandparents crying…and my MIL literally hitting my hubby in the arm in every shot.

  • We bought a card that said congratulations to the parents to be and wrote Grand on top of parents. When we got to his parents house I gave them the card and just said it was a little something cause we love them. : ) as soon as his mom opened it she started screaming it was awesome!!!

  • To tell my in-laws we took a picture of the pregnancy test and sent it to them in the middle of a bunch of other pictures of their sons birthday dinner. We put a note on it, "When it rains it pours!" (They had just found out their daughter was also pregnant). We sent them the pictures and they called when they got them. My father in law got it right away, but my mother in law wasn't sure what it meant. We told her and she started screaming.
    To tell the rest of our family, it was my husbands birthday and they were having a big party. I made him a plaque that said, "Behind every good kid is a GREAT dad!" He hadn't seen it and when he opened it he loved it. He showed it to the family and most of them read it and were like, "AWWW. That is nice." After a few seconds they were like, "DO YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL US???" It was priceless.

  • My mother-in-law had just got a new car, so we stopped by her house to check it out. Once she had shown it off, we told her we had bought her something for the new car. When my husband pulled a "baby on board" sign out of the bag, she started screaming "really?!?!", crying and hugging us. It was a really sweet moment.

  • We found out on my mom's birthday last year, so we took a picture of me with the test stick saying "Pregnant" and put it in a card. Funny thing was, after reading it, she played it super cool so that it would be a surprise for the rest of the family as they passed it around the table!

  • This isn't about announcing the pregnancy, but rather the sex of the baby:
    A couple I know wanted to share the moment of discovery with their friends and family, so when they went to their appointment they asked the ultrasound tech NOT to tell them. A friend went with them and found out the gender separately. The friend (and others, I assume) put together a party based around the color for either boy or girl. When the couple arrived, they were blindfolded and led into the house. When they took their blindfolds off, they saw all the blue balloons and It's a Boy! decorations and started hugging and crying. It was really sweet!

    They videotaped and livestreamed the big reveal so that their friends and family members living out of state could share the excitement, too, which I thought was pretty cool.

  • I am a hopeless romantic so I leave little love notes and "I Love You" cards all over the place on a daily basis. So, I took a picture of the pregnancy test (cause the real stick would have been nasty….I peed on it) and put it in a card and left it on his dashboard of the truck so when he got in it on his way home from work he opened it and found the picture. He was shocked!

  • I was a little nervous to tell my boss because I had only been working here about 6 months when I became pregnant. I am an avid crocheter and I am constantly at work making baby blankets for friends in my downtime.

    I was at my desk working on a new blanket and he walked by and said "another friend pregnant?" and I smiled and said "nope, this ones for me."

    He's been very supportive and has already told me that I can bring the baby to work with me since it's just the two of us in the office so I don't have to worry about finding a daycare! =)

  • We just told FB world two days ago. I posted a youtube video of Paul Anka singing "Having my Baby" on my husband's FB wall with me tagged in it. Unfortunately, people think it's a joke and I'm not sure everyone gets it.

  • I took the home pregnancy test the Friday before Valentine's Day. When my husband got home from work, I told him that I had an early Valentine's present for him and at first he refused to take the box from me because he felt guilty about not having gotten my V-Day gift yet. I told him "trust me, you already gave me a fantastic Valentine's present. Open the box." So he did, and he found something wrapped in red tissue paper with "I'm positive I <3 you" written on it. Then he unwrapped the tissue paper and discovered two positive pee-sticks! The smile on his face wrapped around his head three times!

    We waited til my mom's birthday to break the news to her. She's an avid reader and lives in another state, so we sent her a book called "The Grandma Diaries: An Insider's Guide for New Grandmothers". The book was supposed to be delivered on her birthday, but it arrived a few days early, so I got a voice mail from her saying "Um, I got a book in the mail, and I'm not sure if it's from you, and I'm hoping it is, and if it is ohmygodohmygodOHMYGOD!" I called her back and said "Happy birthday, Grandma!"

  • My mom always makes quilts for all of the grandkids when they are born. The last one she made she said that she had forgotten the cotten batting for the middle. My DH and I went to the store and bought some batting and wrapped it up and took it over to her house. It took a little bit after she opened it to get what I was telling her but then she was excited.

  • We took a group (family) photo – "Say cheese!" (look at picture, shake head and say we need to do it again) "Say, Juliet is pregnant!" (snap picture, enjoy screaming and jubilation)

    For Facebook, I made a photo collage video with the initial ultrasound pics and some of our pics from the rest of the time we were together with the announcement and due date at the end.

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