pregnant woman getting a head massage
Is It Safe? Natural Remedies

Is getting a massage safe during pregnancy?

By Amy Morrison

Some jackass out there decided to throw this one in the ring and it makes me mad.

You are a nauseous, sweaty blob (well, I was) and the least you should be able to do is pay someone to rub you. Is nothing sacred?

I couldn’t find anything really solid on this one. There is the usual “don’t do it in your first trimester because you could miscarry,” which seems to apply to everything from sneezing to “don’t let them touch your feet or you could go into labor.” I know plenty of women who would have severed off a toe to go into labor so I’m hoping we would have heard of that trick.

There was also some talk of crazy essential oils that shouldn’t be used on you but, all and all, it sounds like if you’ve got someone willing to rub you down, go for it.

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