Is Dying Your Hair During Pregnancy Safe?

What’s that? You want to look attractive during your pregnancy? I’m sorry but we need to see your roots come in so we can tell how pregnant you are – like rings on a tree.

It looks like hair dye, coloring, highlights, etc. are all relatively safe to do while pregnant. Many sites will try to throw the to-be-on-the-safe-side crap and suggest you opt for highlights instead of full coloring because you’ll come in contact with fewer chemicals. One site even suggested frosting as an option but, for the love of Pete, put down the Frost n’ Go kit.

This appears to be one of those cases where the test of time is providing the research seeing as pregnant women have been dying their hair for decades and there hasn’t been an increase in birth defect among their children. Animal testing hasn’t been very reliable because they’ve been exposing them (I don’t even want to know) to a higher level of chemicals than any human would encounter. Some sites suggest vegetable dyes or henna but many of these dyes contain just as many chemicals as the real deal so, if you’re still twitchy about it, most sites agree that skipping the first trimester should do.

Your hormones may alter the way your hair reacts to dye, henna, perming or relaxing so, do a strand and patch test with the boxed stuff to make sure the results and reactions are what you’re expecting – nothing like green hair and an angry rash to compliment your pregnancy.

If you are just looking for a touch-up, this product, Root Vanish, is safe for pregnant women and does a nice job. Even though it isn’t super cheap, a little goes a long way and you won’t have to keep starting at that gray line making its way down your head.

If you get a pro to do it, make sure that you mention that you’re expecting so they can keep and eye on the dye. Thankfully those salon capes generally tarp your stomach so it will ward off any Debbie do-gooders that decide to enlighten you on hair dye dangers too. On the off chance she still launches into a lecture, just widen your eyes and say “do you think I’m pregnant?!” then whack her with the four-year old InStyle magazine you’re reading. That should do er, sassy locks.

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  • I do hair for a living and have been pregnant with perfectly healthy babies while doing so. I have also had numerous clients who color while pregnant. The biggest worry is ventilation (heavy chemical fumes are bad for anyone, pregnant or not) and the crazy hues that can happen thanks to hormones, But if you get your hair done in a salon there usually wont be much to worry about. Many states require salons to have proper ventilation before becoming a licensed business, and most salons will have the products on hand to correct any color mishap that could happen from hormone laden hair. If you have had skin sensitivities from color in the past I would definitely forgo the color and rock those roots, it’s in now anyway.

  • I’ve used henna and salon dyes. They work OK together, but it depends on how you prepare the henna. If you get a processed henna kit, it most likely won’t work well. If you process it yourself (get it in a dried form then mix it with lemon juice or what not) it works fine and works with salon dyes. Know your source of henna and what they put into it.

  • If you plan to go back to using professional color from your hair stylist, DO NOT use henna hair color. It will react negatively with the professional color, especially if you lighten your hair. It may be more difficult to lift the henna color from the hair, causing more damage to the hair shaft. If you are concerned about chemicals, try a demi or semi permanent color, as it is not as harsh on the hair.

  • My OB said "There's no data on that, so I can't say 'yes'" and my husband has asked if I can hold off until after the baby is born. It was easy enough to go along with it at the time, but now that I'm staring down 2.5 inches of roots with black & faded pink growing out, I want to cry 🙁 He suggested I used food colouring, not understanding that if it turns out to be a hot mess, I'm going to be stuck with said hot mess on my hair for weeks before it rinses out… I'm going to try mixing it with conditioner and see what I get. If it doesn't turn out, I think I might just shave my head…

    As for 'henna' – read the label. Just because people think it's "natural" doesn't mean it actually is..

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