I love how some sites are still comparing your baby to fruits and vegetables at this point. If they want to show you what your baby looks like, they should show you a fucking baby because that’s what your baby looks like right now – not an obscure melon or a root vegetable.

Sorry, that was uncalled for. I guess I’m just testy because I’m at 38 weeks of writing this calendar and I still have two weeks to go. If only there was someone else that knew my pain ; )

Yes, you’re right. I’m an asshole and I deserved whatever you screamed at your screen just now.

As you already know, you’re considered full-term now and can go into labor at any time.

On average, you’re looking at about 15 hours from “Hey, I think this is it” to “Congratulations, here's your baby.”

Obviously, some people get really lucky like my buddy, Moira, who had lightning fast, pain-free births, which is also a really good read if you’re nervous about how your labor is going to go.

Keeping that in mind, you (and the person you hang out with the most) may want to read up on what to do if you find yourself in labor with no medical help in sight. After all, nothing is worse than giving birth in a line at the bank or on the side of the freeway and not knowing what to do. Well, I guess there are worse things, but try telling yourself that when you’re pushing out a person in the back of a Ford Focus.

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