Being a Good Father

Being a good dad is no small task. Whether you’re going to be a father or if you’re one already, you’re pretty instrumental in shaping that little person’s opinion of men.

No pressure or anything.

So here’s my personal list of some of the things that make a great father:

•Someone who mans up to a baby’s level 10 backshit (anything that exceeds an 8 has gone above the neckline) and doesn’t passed it off to mom.

• Someone who’ll read you Goodnight Moon 7 billion times just because you like it even though there is no plausible explanation why anyone would find that book appealing.

• Someone who will push you on the swing just a wee bit higher than anyone else.

• Someone that will teach you to drive without yelling at you (too much).

• Someone that teaches you that anyone that is rude to receptionists, waiters or gas station attendants just because they think they are beneath them, is a dick and not worth knowing.

• Someone who let’s you eat most of his pizza while you both watch Star Wars.

• Someone who doesn’t necessarily know what post labour perineal care entails but will go to the drugstore without question to get epsom salts.

• Someone that knows what time you go to bed, where you go to school and if you’re allergic to anything at any given time in your life.

• Someone who says, “You’re not wearing that, are you?”, “Not while you’re living under my roof.” and “Smarten up” at least once, as they are a right of passage for any father that is paying attention.

• Someone who can make at least one edible meal without picking up the phone.

• Someone who doesn’t refer to it as babysitting when mom is out.

• Someone who never says, “Be a man and stop crying” or “You’d be prettier if you lost some weight.”

• Someone who helps you learn a sport that includes a bat or stick despite the fact he’ll get hit in the pills a few times.

• Someone who will clean your barf off the hall carpet because you ate too many cherry freezies at the amusement park.

• Someone that won’t say, “I told you so.” too many times even though he did.

• Someone that loves you no matter what your religion, sexual orientation or job is.

• Someone that doesn’t leave you in the car while he drinks in a bar.

• Someone that will walk around with his baby strapped to him in a carrier because it’s the only way the baby will sleep right now.

• Someone that is safe to call call to come pick you up no matter where you are because you got in over your head.

• Someone that will cry at your wedding, cheer at your game and laugh at your joke.

• Someone you’re proud to say, “That’s my dad.” even if he’s wearing socks and crocks.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Fathers are really important people so don’t let all the hype around moms fool you. You the man, my friend, so have yourself a very happy Father’s Day and smarten up or I’ll turn this car around ; )

What other qualities do you think makes a good dad?

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  • Someone who shows you that gender is just plumbing, and doesn’t hold you back from getting things done. That a man isn’t any less of a man for being able to cook and clean and sew, and a woman isn’t any less of a woman for being able to fire a gun and fix her own plumbing.

  • Pregnant for the first time and what’s keeping me from completely freaking out and losing my shit is the fact that I picked the absolute best person to father my children. Plus, he wears Crocs and socks on the regular (ugh) so he’s got that one in the bag 🙂

  • Once, I was out of town and I had let my sister borrow my car. It had a broken gas gauge and she had forgotten. It ran out of gas on the freeway on the way to work. My sister had just moved to town and didn’t know anyone except for me. I called my father in law and he went and took care of everything for her. A great dad isn’t just a great dad to his own kids!

  • All the nurses and doctors agree, the best Dad is the one who reads you (at the tender young age of 21) bed time stories until four a.m. in the ER because you’re scared about spending a night alone in the hospital.

  • Other qualities of a good dad?

    The ability to discipline without shaming.
    The ability to accept his children for who they are – sounds trite, but we all know this can be hard.
    The ability to really hear his children;
    to be a true partner to his children's mom;
    to know his own needs – and articulate them (respectfully);
    to see his children's needs – and address them, respectfully.

    A good dad is THERE – unconditionally, unquestionably.
    A good dad sets limits, but knows how to have fun!

    A good dad makes you feel loved and valued, so that you may learn to regard yourself in that way.

    I watch my husband display these qualities as our children grow – makes me love him more every day!

  • I am lucky in that I have three dads – my bio, my step and my legally adoptive. My adoptive died when I was three, my bio is now big in my life (I am 25) and my step (who Is my "DADDY") who has never treated me as anything less than flesh and blood.

    Being a dad is all about having someone to call when you crash your car at 2am and who will drive 100km because you need him. It's about getting a call late at night because you're living in your toilet due to a migraine, and him taking you to hospital and staying there for 5 hours.
    It's about having someone that you can scream "You're not my father!" at, and he responds with "But I love you like I am"

    I love my dads. every one of them.

  • He must also treat the child's mother with kindness, respect and love as that is how the child (sons) will learn to treat women in general and daughters tend to select mates similar to their fathers.

  • Have only recently been introduced to your blog and simply love it!

    Great post! It's not Fathers Day in Australia, but it was hubby's birthday yesterday (which is today in the US) and another good day to let him know how much he is appreciated in his role of Awesome Dad.

  • Someone who teaches you to "cheers" with your sippie cup; blow raspberries in your arm, give high fives and many other random tricks that for some reason, no matter how hard he tries, you will never perform in front of the guest he is trying to impress!

  • Ugh. this is why I hate father's day…my dad doesn't qualify for ANY OF THOSE. except maybe the "not in my house" one but he didn't say it because he loves me, he said it because it's his way or the highway.


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