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It’s here! It’s here! The very first run of the Peep Testers with a BellyBra review! (We were going to call it a Chicken Run or Eggsperts but there were already things with that name and I didn’t feel like being sued this month.)

This all started when Linda sent me her product.

The BellyBra looked like a really good idea but I tell for sure because I wasn’t pregnant – it’s kind of hard to tell how good a maternity support tank is if there’s nothing to support.

One of the teachers at my son’s school was pregnant so I passed it along to her with a few other goodies I’d picked up at trade shows. As she was thanking me I asked her to let me know what she thought about the BellyBra if she didn’t find that too weird.

The next week she nearly tackled me in the hall, “I LOVE this thing” she said, “My back has been killing me and this totally took the weight off. I’ve worn it everyday since you gave it to me!”

Okay, good stuff but I wonder what other pregnant ladies think?

Fast-forward my recruitment of five you awesome broads (including a twin pregnancy) to get your feedback on the BellyBra after a week or more of testing.

Here’s what you thought of the BellyBra:

Everyone thought it was comfortable. It looks like it’s the biggest help when you’re standing, although, lying down got some good marks too.

The main suggestion was to make the back a little longer because many of the women felt it rode up when they bent over. Fair enough. One tester felt adjustable straps would be helpful because she has a short torso.

Everyone would recommend it to another pregnant woman and only one felt it was a little pricey at around $40 – everyone else felt the price was about right.

Here are some of the things you had to say:

“Great tummy support.
Really helped with the pain I was having around my belly button.” 

“Good support for my belly, I like that it’s an “all-in-one” idea” 

“I liked the support under my belly,
the bottom band felt good around my hips.” 

“Supported the belly and took pressure off my hips.”

So it looks like the BellyBra gets the thumbs up and it’s a nice way to get some support without constricting your belly or looking like you’re recovering from a bear attack. Can’t ask for much more than that, right?

Here are a few more details about the BellyBra:

  • easy refund or exchange
  • one-way stretch back panel gives instant back pain relief
  • non-binding shoulder straps equally distribute weight between the shoulders
  • instantly lifts weight off the pelvis
  • no snaps, hooks, or Velcro as with other maternity bands
  • panty-less so frequent trips to the “loo” are easy and struggle free
  • they come in white, black and nude and run from small to XXXL.

If you want to check them out for yourself, you can find them on the BellyBra site and on Amazon.

Thank you to the wonderful gals who tested the product and filled out the questionnaire, and thank you to Linda from BellyBra for making sure everyone got their kick ass tank and agreed to be the guinea pig for my little idea!

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