Best Nursery Nook Ideas – Creating Space for Baby in a Master Bedroom

matching patterns in a white master bedroom and nursery combo creating classy nursery nook
Check out this gorgeous nook on Cinsarah.

When it comes to planning a space for your newborn, the Internet can be a bit of a cruel mistress. While there’s no doubt that there are some pretty inspiring nursery ideas out there, the truth is that not everyone has the luxury of having a separate room to dedicate to their baby, let alone one that comes complete with a crib, a slide and a rocking chair big enough to fit the entire family. Fortunately, having less space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your dream nursery, as long as you don’t mind sharing your master bedroom with your baby to do it. Internet, meet the nursery nook.

Check out these gorgeous nursery nooks for the master bedroom and try not to drool.


#1 Tall Order

giraffe themed nursery nook tucked into corner of master bedroom
What better place to sleep than this sweet space complete with shelving for books and toys and a 4-foot giraffe to keep everyone company? (Note: watch things hanging over the crib – if tiny hands can grab it, or it can fall into the crib, then it’s a no go.)



#2 To the Letter

Make your new roommate feel right at home with the perfect letterboard welcome.


#3 Your Nook or Mine?

nursery nook created by using IKEA bookshelf

Is there anything a well-placed IKEA shelf can’t do? Divide your room into two distinct spaces, and separate that nursery nook from your area using a bookshelf (just don’t forget to secure it to the wall).


#4 The Great Divide

nursery nook created using bookshelf

See what I mean about the bookshelves?


#5 Off the Wall

Could this wallpaper be any cuter? Make babe’s space really feel like its own by compromising on a wall design you’ll both love (bonus – babies can’t talk so you really get to choose whatever you want).


#6 Clever Closet

nursery nook created by repurposing closet

Who says a baby needs a room of its own? Reimagine a closet into the perfect nursery nook for a bassinet, shelving, and a dreamy mobile.


#7 A Great Place to Hang

Someone get this designer a medal because using a shelf to do double duty as a place to hang your little one’s clothes is genius.

#8 Suburban Dream

Where is everyone finding these teeny little cribs? They are PERFECT for a nursery nook!
P.S. It’s incredible what a 5 second Google search can do. I found them here.


#9 Minimalist Nursery Nook

This minimalist nook shows that you don’t need to change much to create a space any baby would give its last clean diaper to live in.


#10 Mid Century Statement

dresser being used as changing table in nursery nook

Does a baby really need a piece of furniture that can only be used for changing its butt? This beautiful setup proves that the answer to that age-old question is a definite no.


#11 Lofty Goal

This 800 square foot loft shows that the only move you need to make to make space for a baby is the furniture.


#12 Boho Chic Nursery Nook

You may or may not be surprised to learn that babies are rarely picky when it comes to décor choices, so keeping your current pieces on the walls is a-ok as long as they have a safe place to sleep.
(Please let me know if you’ve seen the original of this.)


#13 Master of the Nook

What baby wouldn’t want to share this bedroom with its parents?


#14 Toddler Roomie

Ok, ok. Technically, this is a toddler bed, but you get the idea. Any size of space can be perfect for a roommate!
(Give me a heads up if you know where this image is originally from.)


#15 For Those About to Rock

If you are really gung-ho about having a rocking chair in your nursery but don’t have a ton of room, a smaller version is a great option. I used one similar to the one pictured, and although it is plastic, a few pillows made it comfy and the perfect fit for our space.


#16 Room to Grow

The bassinet pictured grows with your baby, so it only takes up as much space as you need from birth to age 10 (as long as you get the crib conversion kits and the mattresses for each size).


#17 Sweet and Sophisticated

If you put your baby at the foot of your bed, I can guarantee you’ll have cuter entertainment than any TV could ever provide.


#18 Bright and Light

Keeping a crib a few steps away from your bed means you’ll barely have to open your eyes to get up for middle of the night feeds. It’s a win-win, really.


#19 Cute Closet Nursery Nook

nursery set up in closet

Harry Potter totally made it sound like having your room in a closet is a bad thing, when this adorable space proves that that is obviously not the case.


#20 The Great White

nursery nook with white theme

A totally white nursery means you will never miss any spots when you’re cleaning up a blown-out diaper. All jokes aside, though, this space is a total dream.


#21 Ooh La La, IKEA

nursery nook created using IKEA furniture

Who better to look to for space-saving ideas than the master itself? Thanks, IKEA.


#22 Pop of Color

cute nursery nook in master bedroom with yellow theme

How could you wake up in a fun space like this and not be happy?


#23 Initial Here

Hanging initials over your respective beds is not only cute, but will help to remind you who’s supposed to sleep where after those extra-long days (and nights).


#24 Luxe Nursery Nook

Disclaimer: this is the nursery nook in Jennifer Aniston’s 9 million dollar apartment that exists in addition an actual nursery, but it’s beautiful so it made the list. Stars – They’re Just Like Us!


#25 Tucked Away

nursery nook created by repurposing closet

Sure, you’re going to have to find a new space for all of your clothes, but has any closet space ever looked more adorable (or more organized)?


#26 Simple & Straightforward

If you’re looking to keep things super simple, a bassinet and a changing pad are all you really need to create a cozy and blowout-resistant space for your little one. (Note: the bassinet shown is from Halo.)


#27 Who Doesn’t Love Donkeys?!

nursery nook created by repurposing closet

This adorable nursery is tucked away in the closet. Check out her feed to see more pictures!


How about you? Are you planning on sharing a space with your baby? Share your nooks with me!

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