Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock Review

Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock Review

By Emily Ramirez
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Shopping with kids can be a real pain in the buns, especially when they are too young to sit safely in the cart. Because wearing your little isn’t always an option, and filling your entire cart with your infant car seat makes it damn near impossible to find anywhere to put your groceries, the good folks over at Binxy Baby created the Shopping Cart Hammock.

This puppy is pretty cool. I tried it as soon as my newborn was slightly less floppy and was extremely happy with it.

Things I Loved:

  • Super easy to install. It’s definitely a two-hand job, so a little thought has to be put into where you decide to install it.
  • Very easy to uninstall, even with one hand.
  • Buckles ensure the baby rests in a comfortable and safe position.
  • It seems like it would be especially helpful for parents of multiples.
  • It fits all standard-sized metal and plastic shopping carts that are 20-24 inches wide.
  • Super cute fabric that is machine washable (just don’t put it in the dryer).

Things to consider:

  • While it does save space below the hammock, it is still a bit of a game of Tetris to get things in and out safely.
  • Per the manufacturer’s instructions, the Shopping Cart Hammock can hold up to 50 pounds and can be used from birth until a child can sit upright, unassisted. I would be reluctant to put a super floppy newborn in it because of the angle of the baby’s head (chin tucked a little too close to chest for me which could obstruct breathing)
  • There are very clear instructions that the hammock is to be installed in one specific way – with the baby’s head on the left side of the cart. I didn’t try to see if one could accidentally install it the wrong way, but it’s at least worth noting this one instruction since the last thing anyone wants is your baby taking a tumble while you are deciding between boxed wine varietals. Or bottled wine, if you’re classy like that.

Binxy Baby Summary

This is a pretty cool contraption that addresses a unique problem parents have when shopping with a baby. It addresses a fairly short window because it's too angled for a newborn and too escapable for a baby who can sit up, but many people might still find it worth it. It's definitely not the kind of thing I'd want someone careless installing but, if used correctly, I can see why so many parents love it.

It can be purchased through the Binxy Baby website.

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