How Much Weight Can I Lift While Pregnant?
Is It Safe?

How Much Weight Can I Lift While Pregnant?

By Amy Morrison

The thing I like best about this one is that everyone rushes to help you pick up a cotton ball when you’re pregnant but if you need to haul your 25lb screaming toddler out of the room, does anybody step in then? Noooo.

Not unlike exercise, skiing and falling, the risk of heavy lifting in pregnancy is not injury to your baby, but injury to you. Pregnancy hormones cause your ligaments to soften, which helps your pelvis widen to make room for childbirth (if you listen closely I’m sure it makes the same sound as cavernous, steel door opening). As a result, your joints may be less stable than usual and you’re more likely to hurt yourself. Your baby, on the other hand, is well padded in there so it’s unlikely you’d do any harm.

That said, if you don’t want to pick crap up, why the heck should you? Simply forget you read any of this and embrace the Rubenesque Goddess you are and make the people around your step-and-fetch peasants. Be sure lift with your legs when picking up that double banquet burger though.

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