Week 30! Hell yeah!

Look at you go and look at that baby grow. Thanks to your little wonder, which is about a three-pound kicking machine now, everything under your hood is being squished so you can turn up the dial on constipation, heartburn and killer gas. Thanks, kid – remind him or her of this when they’re picking out your nursing home down the road.

I also wanted to have a little chitty chat with you about preeclampsia.

Approximately 6-8% of women develop preeclampsia and it’s when your blood vessels constrict for no apparent reason (there are many theories but I won’t get into that here) causing your blood pressure to rise.

It can go from nothing to something pretty quickly so keep an eye out for these symptoms:

Swelling: Swelling of the hands, face and eyes in particular.

Sudden Weight Gain: Anything over two pounds a week is something to make note of

Nausea or vomiting: Nausea and vomiting that kinda comes out of left field should be brought to your doctor or midwife’s attention.

Severe pain below your ribs and/or shoulder pain: Don’t ignore pain that’s just below your right ribs or your right shoulder.

Headaches and/or changes in vision: A persistent and/or severe headache is another one to watch out for, along with vision changes, including temporary blindness, seeing flashing lights or spots, sensitivity to light, and blurry vision.

Do me a favor flav and go read the entire preeclampsia post so I feel like I’ve done my duty to inform you, though. I can’t have your health and well being on my conscience – I’ve got cat pictures to pin on Pinterest, dammit!

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