Hey, how are your legs?

Restless leg syndrome is not dangerous or a sign that anything is wrong but it can be uncomfortable and disrupt your sleep, which is a royal pain in the ass.

No one really knows what causes the Jimmy legs, but it’s very common during pregnancy and it tends to happen at night affecting the lower legs between the knee and ankle, but it can also occur in your feet and arms.

Stretching, warms baths, acupuncture and massage seem to be the suggested remedies, but also mention it to your healthcare provider because they may want to check your iron levels to make sure you aren’t sporting a deficiency. I also received an email from a reader saying that 300 mg magnesium glycinate daily helped her – run it by your doctor to see if it would help.

Some women keep a food journal to see if something they eat (typically later in the day) is triggering the jumpy legs at night. It’s certainly worth a shot.

As for the weeble, room in the womb is starting to get a bit tight. Your baby may be turned head down by this time. Not only is it pointing to the exit, but there’s also more room down there. Don’t worry too much if your baby hasn’t done the turn yet though. There’s still time to spin around even in the Manhattan apartment-like quarters he or she is living in.

Need a laugh? Here are 8 reasons you aren't sleeping well at night. Spoiler alert: your baby loves a good 2 am jazzercise sesh.

32 Weeks Pregnant Cheat Sheet:

  • Your baby is about 16 - 17 inches long (or 40 - 43 cm) and weighs about 4 pounds (1.8 kg).
  • All of your baby's organs are formed but it's still perfecting them (lungs especially).
  • Between now and 38 week('ish) your baby might assume a head-down position.
  • You have around 56 days before you give birth.

How many months is 32 weeks pregnant?

Thirty-two weeks is 8 months pregnant.

This week's to do:

Manage expectations. Check out posts like Life with a 10 Week Old Baby - What I’ve Learned So Far and 20 Things I Learned From My First 4 Months of Parenthood to get an idea of what the first few weeks of parenthood have been like for other parents.

Binge watch list. Figure out what you want to watch when this kiddo is up at 12 am, 2 am 3:30 am, 4 am, etc. so you're not staring at a wall in the middle of the night. You're in the trenches those few weeks so set yourself to be sleeping safely while saving your sanity. Don't worry about sleep habits for the first 4 weeks. Just keep yourself above water and check out Newborn Sleep: Start With This One Goal.

How are you feeling this week? Let me know here.

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