Week 7 of Pregnancy


Hooray, your baby has paddles and a tail! No, that’s a good thing because the paddles become arms and legs and the tail becomes a tailbone. Your baby’s skeletal structure is almost fully formed and made up of cartilage – like a shark. So you’re carrying a bad-ass shark baby right now. Cool.

What isn’t cool are the pregnancy symptoms you may be experiencing.

You have extra progesterone pumping through you right now. It’s pretty important (hence the name that essentially means “pro gestating”) because it helps maintain the lining of your uterus, suppresses ovulation during pregnancy, stimulates the growth of breast tissue, and relaxes your uterus muscles so you don’t have early contractions, just to name a few.

The downside is that it also makes you retain water so you look puffy, it helps relax all your muscles so you get heartburn and constipated easily, it makes your gums bleed, and it kicks your sweat gland into overdrive so you sweat like a fat man in August which may also lead to zits.

Good times.

Just keep thinking about your wicked, cool shark baby!

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