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What Happens If You Get an Electrical Shock When You're Pregnant?

By Amy Morrison

Ok, here goes. I am 24 weeks pregnant, lovingly wiping down my kitchen counters and backsplash from a crazy water fest brought on by my 14-year old step daughter doing dishes with the sprayer nozzle on the sink when I wipe the wet area near the plugs of the coffee pot and phone…and…..ZAP! I am shocked, literally mildly electrocuted while cleaning the kitchen.

No burns, shooting backwards or anything, but I did feel a substantial zappy tingle that shot from my fingers up my arm and into my neck.


I just know – like some sort of crazy, coffee pot induced echocardiogram – my tiny baby’s heartbeat was stopped by this sudden jolt of electricity and surely the worst has happened, and I have shocked and killed my unborn baby.

Freaking out, I call the hospital

They ask if I was burned, or thrown back, or went unconscious. “no..” “Is your baby still moving?” (I thought I had felt him once…but I was totally freaking out…who can feel for movements at a time like this!) “Well, he is probably fine, but you can come in and we can hook you up  to the monitor if it would make you feel better.” (P.S. It’s midnight) “Your best bet is to just wait and feel for his movements if he is moving, he is fine.”

Frantically, I wait for movement – which he does

Next morning, still convinced somehow I managed to narrowly miss killing my baby but somehow made him have some crazy irregular heartbeat, or electrified his amniotic fluid or something, I called my OBGYN.

“Is he moving?” she says. “Yes” I say. “Well he is fine.

It probably didn’t even register with your baby, and he is not even aware this happened.” They didn’t seem really concerned, and none of them freaked out.

Listen to your doctor and not google

NOW, if you Google/Web MD, be prepared to be scared shitless as they tell you to immediately go to the ER and that you may have a spontaneous miscarriage.

Any who, thought that might be a new one for ya – accidental electric shock during pregnancy – apparently nothing to freak out about according to my local labor and delivery ward and my doctor.

Lord, I have never been shocked in my whole life…and I manage to do it while pregnant…nice luck. And for the record, he was perfectly fine too.

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