Way to pork up, kid! No, not you, your baby, well, if you’re like me, then you too (high five). Your baby is about 5 inches long (from head to rump – I have no idea why they don’t count legs. Legs count in my book but whatev) and weighs about 5oz. So it’s the length and weight of an iPhone. Your awesome little minion is also starting to suck and swallow (punch anyone in the face that says something pervy about that) and is moving joints in preparation for doing the running man at weddings. Yes!

You are probably showing now.

If you are like me you laughed at that because you started showing when the pee stick showed two lines, or you wondered what the hell I am talking about because you’re wearing the same pants you did a year ago. Both are normal so don’t panic and ignore anyone that comments on your size. I have no idea why people feel compelled to point out a woman’s weight gain (or lack thereof) while they are gestating a person when, at any other point in her life, it would be considered rude. Keep in mind that very few of these people have much reference for how big you should or shouldn’t be, so try to chalk it up to making conversation and go about your business.

Also, work on your ninja moves because people are going to start touching you too. It doesn’t bother some women, but to others, it’s like reaching out to stroke their tongue – awkward and gross. When my friend was pregnant, and someone would touch her belly, she would just gently reach over and touch theirs in the same way. It was hysterical and stopped people dead in their tracks.

As with commenting on your weight, I don’t think people are trying to be rude; I think they’re just locked in baby mode and forget that the baby container is an actual person.

Wondering how you’re going to start dressing that adorable bump without breaking the bank? Here’s a helpful post that talks about building a maternity wardrobe from things you might (mostly) already own.

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