Your baby is a whopping three-quarters of a pound (or 360 grams) and is about 101/2  inches long which is about the size of the world’s largest gummy bear, although, it’s a lot heavier at 5 pounds – I still like the reference better than a banana.

You’re probably familiar with what kicking feels like now and may wonder what all the partying is about in there. That kid has a good amount of room and some legs, so he or she tends to take ‘em out for a spin quite a bit. If they are high kicking your vital organs, try to shift them around by either manually moving them with your hands on your belly, or shift around yourself to get the karate kid in a better position.

As for you, well, you may still be in that golden age of pregnancy when you aren’t too pukey and you aren’t too big. You’re the size that all the maternity stores feature in their ads to show how cute pregnant women are – you aren’t puffy and hunched over a toilet, and you aren’t in danger of being harpooned if you wade into the ocean wearing a black and white bathing suit.

That said, you may feel like shit and for that I am sorry. Some women have a fantastic pregnancy and will never feel or look better, where others have a miserable, greasy, gassy paraded-float experience. Just keep in mind that, good or bad, nothing lasts forever, so either enjoy it or hang in there. This too shall pass.

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