Guess what? We’ve made it to the point where your baby is as long as a footlong sub –I’ve been dying to use that one.

Oh and speaking of subs, don’t be surprised if you try to eat one and someone pops out from behind a plant and tells you it’s dangerous. Unfortunately, there have been a few listeria incidents in the headlines recently, which makes people really twitchy because it’s some pretty nasty stuff that pregnant women are very susceptible to. Here’s the situation on cold cuts, along with soft serve ice cream, soft cheese, and paté so you’re armed with the facts when people try to kick over a table in the lunchroom so you don’t eat brie.

While you’re at it, arm yourself with some zingers from the Comeback Series thanks to some help from other readers, so you’ll know what to say when people ask, “Should you be eating that?”,  “Feeling fat yet?”, and “You’re just hormonal.”

My favourite for “Was that an accident?” is still, “Yes, I tripped and fell on a dick.”


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