Hang in there, kid, you’re doing great!

Pregnancy may be taking its toll by now. Some of you are saying, “What are you talking about? I feel great!” and some of you are saying, “Starting to take its toll?! If I felt better and could move a little faster, I’d garrote you with the drawstring on my maternity pants.”

Whether you feel great, like shit, or perhaps a bit of both at times, I found there were some great things about being pregnant. I think my favourite was not having to suck it in, but you can check out the whole list of 10 Great Things About Being Pregnant here.

Plus, your baby is around two pounds right now, can open and close his/her eyes, and has hearing that’s good enough to hear you ordering its body weight in fries. Hell yeah, baby, that’s how mamma rolls! Your baby looks pretty much like a baby now – shark baby is long gone – but there’s still a fair amount of work going on under the hood with its internal organs.

Have people started asking you what you need for the baby yet? Have you got your Baby List registry? Yes? Good on ya. No? C’mon, man, get on it or else you’re going to end getting a puppy and a drum kit (kind of awesome in a way, but you get the gist).

I know, I know, some people just refuse to buy off the registry because they think it’s unimaginative and lazy, after all, why would you want something that you’ve gone to the trouble of adding to a list?

Even if you create a registry just to give people a “feel” for what you want it can help to give the people who really want to get creative a bit of a guideline to follow. For instance, if you’ve registered for cloth diapers they’ll be less likely to get you a box of Pampers. If you’ve registered for a bunch of owl themed stuff, they’ll be less likely to give you a Mickey Mouse lamp.

Then again, some people are just idiots and will get you whatever the hell they want – I can’t help that shit, I’d drive a better car if I could – so you just nod and thank them for the gesture and make a mental note to give them something that beeps and is covered with glitter when they have a child.

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