Run to the top of the steps and do your victory dance, Rocky! You made it!

No? Too winded and feeling like you’re pinned under a piano?

Fair enough.

If you’re trying to kick-start your labor, generally speaking, the three methods to get it going are gravity, hormones, and pressure.

Some of them are easy enough to try and worth a shot, like walking and eating eggplant parmesan, but some of them sound really nasty and would just add to your discomfort like castor oil and eating a crate of pineapples.

That said, desperate times often call for desperate measures, so here’s the list if you want to see if you can encourage that little bird to leave the nest with How to Go into Labor.

40 Weeks Pregnant Cheat Sheet:

  • You're not alone at the 40 week mark and 1 in 3 pregnancies will go to 41 weeks.
  • Your baby has probably ditched most of their vernix which is the waxy coating that helps protect their skin in utero.
  • If your due date is correct, you are due to give this birth this week.

How many months is 40 weeks pregnant?

Forty weeks is still considered the 9th month of pregnancy. Personally, I found it a cruel bait and switch – okay, medical people, are we counting from periods or conception here?! In my books you are 10 months pregnant and should legally be allowed to do absolutely anything you want. Cut the bank line? Yep! Eat the last piece of pizza? Absolutely! Murder? If all your jurors are pregnant you should be fine.

If you're feeling frustrated about feeling 7 years pregnant, check out 40 Weeks Pregnant and Done Being Angry.

This week's to do:

Pic prep. Set up a safe site to share baby photos with family and friends. Check out 10 Best (Mostly Free) Photo Sharing Sites for Baby Pictures.

How are you feeling this week? Let me know here.

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